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W.T. Duck

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  1. nboady commented on My Cage 6 days ago

    Here is a strip that shows Brian (for those who have forgotten him).

  2. nboady commented on Tank McNamara 15 days ago

    A Cleats crossover?

  3. nboady commented on My Cage 21 days ago

    Still have 2 months worth of strips left to be seen from the initial run.

  4. nboady commented on My Cage 21 days ago

    Yep — today’s strip was the one that ran when the cancellation of the strip was announced. The image that Ed Power put on the MyCage web site was

  5. nboady commented on My Cage 23 days ago

    Ed Power announced the cancellation on August 25, 2010. That would coincide with the strip that should show up tomorrow.

  6. nboady commented on Nest Heads 24 days ago

    Cat Soup was the name of a somewhat surreal short anime film made in 2001. It can be seen here.

  7. nboady commented on My Cage 24 days ago

    I just noticed that the last month of strips shown haven’t been touched up by Melissa to remove the original month & day. Before that, all (most?) of the strips had the original date info removed. Odd.

  8. nboady commented on Rip Haywire 25 days ago

    I didn’t see your question until now. I have all the current books and I like the current format of the dailies: 3 per page. The larger size worked for Tangaroa because of how the strips were set up. There really isn’t enough detail in the daily strips to justify having the strips larger. I’m 60 years old and my vision isn’t great but I didn’t have any problems reading the current books.

  9. nboady commented on Heavenly Nostrils about 1 month ago

    This is actually a partial rerun: the first 3 panels are the same as the March 10th strip, but the last panel is different.

  10. nboady commented on My Cage about 1 month ago

    There are 83 strips left in the current run of this comic (not counting the 4 strips that have been skipped), so it will end in September.

    The rights to the comic should have reverted back to the creators once King Features dropped it, so there shouldn’t be a question of ownership. The issue is more likely to be whether there is enough interest in the comic so that it can be financially feasible for it to be continued.