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  1. nboady commented on My Cage Classics 1 day ago

    Some of these strips are from the original run of MyCage (while it was still belonged to King Features). Most of the strips from the last week or so haven’t changed from the initial GoComics run. This strip, though, is definitely from the initial run (because Maureen’s suit is grey and not red). The colors in the initial GoComics run (see here) were a little bit darker (and Maureen’s suit color was altered to be her usual red).

  2. nboady commented on My Cage Classics 3 days ago

    No zoom feature active today?

  3. nboady commented on Barney & Clyde 5 days ago

    Last Thursday, the NY Times (online) had an article about a Federal judge stopping Actavis from doing the same thing with its Alzheimer’s drug. So, it looks like the drug companies aren’t getting away with it completely.

  4. nboady commented on Luann Bonus Material 6 days ago

    This sequence starts back on November 22 (for those like me who just noticed the new update).

  5. nboady commented on The Norm Classics 7 days ago

    Those new Norm strips: using flash to find new ways to make it difficult to read static comic strips.

  6. nboady commented on My Cage Classics 8 days ago

    So, Maureen’s suit color is back to the grey color that it was in the original run of the strip (July 7, 2007). When this strip was first run on Gocomics (here), the color was changed to be her usual dark red suit color.

  7. nboady commented on Rip Haywire 10 days ago

    A lot of current semi-automatic pistols look like that. I use a Springfield Armory XD-9 and it looks similar to that image.

  8. nboady commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 13 days ago

    This reminds me a lot of Orson Scott Card’s short story, Fat Farm.

  9. nboady commented on Off the Mark 14 days ago

    Breaking up can be hard to do, as shown by this short film, made by a student at Gobelins.

  10. nboady commented on Frazz 16 days ago

    How did you determine that no food coloring was used? The article at the link did not say anything about how the color was obtained — just that the color may vary based on manufacturer.