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  1. hankloy commented on Henry Payne 2 months ago

    Ah the truth once again from dense 1112
    CRUd oil.

  2. hankloy commented on Jerry Holbert 4 months ago

    Hate filled?
    Coming from you?

  3. hankloy commented on Clay Jones 5 months ago

    Arizona? Close but no cigar.

  4. hankloy commented on Steve Benson almost 2 years ago

    C, I think you missed the meaning of this. And the cartoonist’s name.

  5. hankloy commented on Doonesbury about 2 years ago

    I think he was, the name Bush comes to mind.

  6. hankloy commented on Ted Rall over 2 years ago

    I quit reading your columns long ago after being a big fan. I no longer even look for them.
    You started attacking Obama long before he became pres, I suppose you wanted McCain and Palin.
    Your cartoons are kind of what I think Ima
    and Onguard would post if they were political cartoonists. Nice company.

  7. hankloy commented on Tony Auth almost 3 years ago

    Goodwill ads are ran as public service and I think it is
    mandatory. They are not to happy either.

  8. hankloy commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    jacob cool sike

  9. hankloy commented on Ted Rall over 3 years ago

    Dang, TR you and towerlock agree, but towerlock doesn’t have a brain.
    You are losing me TR..

  10. hankloy commented on Paul Szep about 5 years ago

    Are you in love again scot?