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  1. biglar155 commented on Arlo and Janis about 6 hours ago

    Having made a “big mistake” a few years ago, she knows what she’s talking about…

  2. biglar155 commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    In Breathed’s defense, if he wasn’t a “car guy” he didn’t have Wikipedia handy in 1984 to tell him…

  3. biglar155 commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    My high-school P.E. instructor WAS a drill-sergeant. I mean REALLY a drill-sergeant. He was retired from the army but still active in the guard.

    He taught us how to stand at attention, “dress right,” form up for P.T., and many other “army” type things.

    While the weather was still warm enough, we’d go on 2-mile marches through the back-streets of our little town. This meant sending out “cover guards” when we came to intersections. If we were doing well the guards could come out of the front of the formation and fall into the rear when done. But if we were messing up then the guards had to double-time it from the rear of the formation to the front to cover and then double time up to the front to fall-in. There were plenty of intersections so the pain was evenly distributed.

    I’ll say this though: He never belittled us or insulted us (unless we REALLY had it coming). He wanted us “walking tall and proud” at all times. (If he saw you leaning up against something while waiting for your Mom in the grocery store you caught an ear-full from him if he happened to be in there.)

    He was an older gentleman 28 years ago so if he’s still around, he’s getting up there in age. He was a heck of a guy. Best algebra teacher you could ever want too. He retired the year before I took Algebra II so I missed out on that.

  4. biglar155 commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    My Dad said he had a baby doll that he wouldn’t give up when he was a boy. Finally his mom “sent it away to Aunt Clara to have her repair it.” Oddly, Aunt Clara never repaired it and sent it back. Every day he’d ask if his baby had come back yet and every day the answer was “Not yet. Maybe tomorrow.” Eventually he forgot about it and that was that.

  5. biglar155 commented on Arlo and Janis 9 days ago

    Pretty sharp to smell a setup at that age. It took me a while longer…

  6. biglar155 commented on Non Sequitur 22 days ago

    I thought that was kind of ironic as well.

  7. biglar155 commented on Stone Soup 25 days ago

    I still remember the last week of my last real summer vacation: I was 15 and I knew that the following year I’d have a summer job somewhere. I’d get on my scooter (moped) every morning, go by my buddy’s house (he had a scooter too) and we’d ride around until it got dark ($1 / gallon gas and 95 mpg made that a cheap thing to do). It was our last true week of freedom. Next time I have a week like that will be after I’m retired.

  8. biglar155 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 25 days ago

    I’ve had mornings like that around MY house….

  9. biglar155 commented on PreTeena 27 days ago

    When I was 15 I had a 16 year old girlfriend. I’d drive my moped/scooter to her house and then she’d drive us to wherever we were going – movies, restaurant, whatever.

  10. biglar155 commented on Stone Soup 28 days ago

    Maybe – but everyone has their “pet” cause. Lifejackets – especially on kids – is a good “pet” cause to have.