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  1. packratjohn commented on Rob Rogers about 6 hours ago

    My wish for President Obama’s Nobel was that he would have asked the committee to postpone the award until the end of his term, then decide if he deserved it.

  2. packratjohn commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 8 hours ago

    Well, it is a book title, so maybe…..

  3. packratjohn commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 10 hours ago

    Your comment created a vast Gulf in my understanding of geography.

  4. packratjohn commented on Pearls Before Swine about 10 hours ago

    What? No mussel jokes?

  5. packratjohn commented on Loose Parts about 10 hours ago

    Those aren’t sideburns. I just have very long ear hair.

  6. packratjohn commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 10 hours ago

    If you’re referring to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, how do you charge someone for that? It’s a tragic event, but not a crime.

  7. packratjohn commented on Non Sequitur about 11 hours ago

    Not sure of your point. My equation is correct. I “added” the element of time into the equation. Maybe that lead to confusion.

  8. packratjohn commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 22 hours ago

    A horse, standing on his back legs, and raking leaves. Yet you have a problem with the leaves blowing over the fence? Man, get a grip, this is cartoon physics we’re talkin’ about here. Anything’s possible, even probable. Did you notice that in the third frame he is raking the leaves over the edge of…. something, some precipice or other. Wish I could do that.

  9. packratjohn commented on Daddy's Home about 22 hours ago

    I used to drink to drown my sorrows, but dang if they didn’t learn to dog paddle.

  10. packratjohn commented on Daddy's Home about 22 hours ago

    Cogito, ergo Sum. – Rene Descartes.