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  1. packratjohn commented on Non Sequitur about 8 hours ago

    I see the Dodecahedron of Denial on the horizon.

  2. packratjohn commented on Working Daze about 14 hours ago

    Don’t be sorry! I’m not a FG fan, so don’t the characters very well, but I have all of the simpsons, all the way back to #1.

  3. packratjohn commented on Viivi & Wagner about 17 hours ago


  4. packratjohn commented on WuMo about 18 hours ago

    He’s positively glowing. Absolutely radiant.
    Footnote: I grew up during the cold war, lived in Florida during the Cuban missile crisis. So yeah, this strip is funny in a very dark way. “Duck and Cover”…. your desk will save you…

  5. packratjohn commented on WuMo about 18 hours ago

    I think Peter Sellers was the star, followed closely by Pickens. George C. Scott was good, but that was “his” type of role, so he was a natural. I’m surprised no one has tried a remake.

  6. packratjohn commented on Wrong Hands about 18 hours ago

    I keep hitting “Enter” but I don’t go anywhere. I was hoping for a modest inter-dimensional experience.
    “Insert” worries me a bit….
    I understand that in the US Senate, the keyboards don’t have “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys.
    I can’t used capital letters. Am I “Shiftless”
    I pressed “Home” once, and sure enough!
    I started to press the asterisk, but I’m not really a gambler.
    I keep trying to finish the phrase, “Ampers and ____”
    Parenthetically speaking, these are not funny.
    But then, I was always in a different bracket.
    What is the percentage that I’ll end up in braces if I don’t stop.
    Does your keyboard have a virgule/interrogation mark?

  7. packratjohn commented on Working It Out about 18 hours ago

    Merger? Looked more like an acquisition to me.

  8. packratjohn commented on Working Daze about 18 hours ago

    Familiar with the Simpsons? They’re all very yellow. They also have only 4 fingers (yes, including the thumb). Matt Groening explained why – it saves them a lot of ink.

  9. packratjohn commented on The Wandering Melon about 18 hours ago

    Gives new meaning to the word “Butte”

  10. packratjohn commented on Viivi & Wagner about 18 hours ago

    W/C? Didn’t realize this strip was an import. Where are you located?