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  1. skeeterhawk commented on Moderately Confused 9 days ago

    If that definition is from a rule book, I’ll add my edition: Stoppage time occurs every 45 minutes—at the end of each half.
    Since they don’t stop the clock for every ‘stoppage,’ like a lot of sports, the benefit is they can almost guarantee a ‘regular’ game completion within two hours.

  2. skeeterhawk commented on That is Priceless 10 days ago

    Let’s get technical: Anne Boleyn was born in 1501. Oops. This is ANN Boleyn—just a coincidence?

  3. skeeterhawk commented on One Big Happy 15 days ago

    Quite a label for the promiscuous woman. Better than real talk shows. Let’s hear more—Ruthie wearing earplugs of course.

  4. skeeterhawk commented on Last Kiss 16 days ago

    Their first ‘quickie fight.’

  5. skeeterhawk commented on FoxTrot Classics 19 days ago

    Didn’t I see this thread a short time ago? And yet I’m surprised they haven’t gotten chips yet.

  6. skeeterhawk commented on FoxTrot Classics 22 days ago

    I fit that ‘male’ type. I once in a while go to the mall or big box store to stroll or get out for a while, but usually I’m on a mission to get what I want/need and get out.
    My brother seems the opposite—seems to buy much more than he planned to get. He even posted a rare occurrence on FB that he actually went to a store and got only what he went for. He impressed himself.

  7. skeeterhawk commented on Moderately Confused 22 days ago

    The worst part of mornings when I was camping. Those noisy birds would keep me from sleeping in.

  8. skeeterhawk commented on One Big Happy 22 days ago

    @ ShadowBeast: I was just thinking that. If one puts a massive head on top, he’d be a spitting image of J H.

  9. skeeterhawk commented on Moderately Confused 25 days ago

    She makes me think of Claire.
    @ Al S. That’s what I heard. One of the main aspects I’ll look forward to when the wife and I go. We’ll assume the odds on getting ill are still remote, media or not.

  10. skeeterhawk commented on The Meaning of Lila about 1 month ago

    Almost as much of a letdown for me. But meeting the designer and being offered a modelling job did seem too good of an opportunity for Lila.