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  1. over 4 years ago on Strange Brew

    I prefer the “Golden Corral”

  2. over 4 years ago on Over the Hedge

    Yeah! Sammy!

  3. over 4 years ago on The LeftyBosco Picture Show

    You can’t fool me again he’s the same as the old boss

  4. over 4 years ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    Hey, that’s the combination I’ve got on my luggage! now I need to change it.

  5. over 4 years ago on Strange Brew

    Every time the Lone Ranger needed information he’d send Tonto in to town, and the bandits would beat the snot out of him. Just once you’d like to hear

    Lone Ranger: Tonto?

    Tonto: Yes, Kemo Sabe?

    Lone Ranger: You go to town.

    Tonto: You go to Hell, Kemo Sabe!!!


    from “I Started Out As A Child” Bill Cosby 1966

    I wore out the phonograph on that album and also “Why Is There Air”
  6. over 4 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Ah yes, you can also pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can’t wipe your friends on the sofa.

  7. over 4 years ago on Rip Haywire

    It’s no fun taking Rip from Breezy if she gives up and Cobra can’t fight her for him. It’s all about the hunt and the Kill.

  8. over 4 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    Wait, wait, Fungo in the Hall with a Hammer? I always thought it was Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the Knife!

  9. over 4 years ago on Prickly City

    last panel, I think someone else entered the room and Kevin just realized. But who could be more evil that surprises him.

  10. over 4 years ago on Adam@Home

    Maple Cream stick with BACON sprinkled on top!