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  1. Tim commented on Skippy about 3 hours ago

    Too true…much too true.

  2. Tim commented on The Born Loser about 3 hours ago

    Mine wouldn’t eat yesterday. There wasn’t any feta cheese on their kibble. Geez…

  3. Tim commented on Today's Dogg 4 days ago

    Uh oh

  4. Tim commented on Skippy 8 days ago

    Best laugh of the day (but bless him anyway)

  5. Tim commented on Dark Side of the Horse 8 days ago

    If that’s right, what’s left?

  6. Tim commented on Fred Basset 8 days ago

    Hold on, Fred – I’m right behind you…

  7. Tim commented on Rose is Rose 11 days ago

    Last night I dreamed about used vacuum cleaners. What does THAT say about me? (Wait…I don’t want to know.)

  8. Tim commented on Dark Side of the Horse 11 days ago

    As a former music teacher, I wish it was that easy…

  9. Tim commented on Nancy 13 days ago

    Thanks Guy – Fritzi is sure bringing up Nancy right!

  10. Tim commented on Fred Basset 13 days ago

    My boys love the rain. And seem to take a perverse pleasure in dragging me out in it.