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  1. Tim commented on Ben 8 days ago

    “Listen, woman, I told you once that I loved you. I shouldn’t need to say it over and over. And if anything changes, I’ll let you know.”

  2. Tim commented on Bliss 12 days ago

    Such a good start – keep it rolling!

  3. Tim commented on Marmaduke 12 days ago

    Smelling it? My dogs would be eating it!

  4. Tim commented on Fred Basset 12 days ago

    Good boy, Fred. Now march right back out there and destroy the brussels sprouts.

  5. Tim commented on Ben 14 days ago

    Ewww…what a mix that must have been :(

  6. Tim commented on Pluggers 14 days ago

    Yeah – mine cost me over $500 each visit. Believe me, I’ll never lose them – I can’t afford to.

  7. Tim commented on Today's Dogg 14 days ago

    Well, never mind the sports team conflict – why did they name the dog Bobo?

  8. Tim commented on Close to Home 16 days ago

    Yes, per capita I would tend to agree. But the bigger issue is the whole “role model” thing. We don’t want our young people to think that it’s okay because their “heroes” are like that. Same with drinking, drugs, etc. Public figures need to hold themselves to a higher standard. (And we should add politicians to the list…)

  9. Tim commented on Moderately Confused 20 days ago

    That makes no sense whatsoever.

  10. Tim commented on Skippy 20 days ago

    Great boat – such a deal I can make you…