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    I must have reached a limit, so here’s the rest: 29- Roy is clutching a flower for no particular reason. 30- Roy’s coffee, if it IS his, is upside down. 31- Roy has not chai rand is apparently floating, Boy, did he lose weight! 32- They’re using a door for a table. Budget cuts?

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    The mistakes. If you have not looked for them yourself, Do Not Read. Spoilers ahead.1- The logo is negative, whereas it’s usually the workers attitude that is.2- Mistakes is misspelled. Oh, the irony! 3- The creator names and the date are backwards.4- Rita and Jay’s dialogue is from a different gag and makes no sense here.5- A bare light bulb is attracting moths. Shameful for a large corporation, ain’t it?6- There’s a crack in the window that should have been fixed already.7- Cosette from Les Miserables is desperate enough to be working at MMM.8- The chances of Sal becoming king and being honored in normal life ain’t so good.9- Carolina and Mrs.Jenson have switched outfits, yet, remarkably, they still fit their wearer.10- Sue craves what only Melvin can give.11- A Kit-Kat Clock is on the wall, even though Rita finds them too creepy.12- There’s a mouse hole in the baseboard, yet no cat and mouse comedy is happening.13- One of the ceiling lighting fixtures is an optical illusion that just can’t be.14- Jay has no glasses, even though he needs them.15- Jay has a bust, even though he doesn’t need one.16- Old rocking chair has got Jay.17- Jay has tea instead of coffee, even though he doesn’t care for tea.18- Andrew is napping on the floor foolishly close to where Rita can catch him.19- Ed is playing with a Busy Box- which, ironically, means that he is busy.20- Ed has a target on his back- this time literally.21- Ed is wearing a bow, which simply doesn’t work for him.22- Rita has a baby bottle. It’s actually kinda appropriate, but not usual.23- Rita has a tail, and it’s not something Dana did to her.24- Rita’s jacket has shrunk, and he’s not terribly concerned.25- Dana is wearing glasses… possibly Jay’s.26- Since when is Dana a Star Trek fan?27- Dana has too many fingers, when what she could really use is more hands.28- Roy is wearing a suit. Like that ever happens.

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    The absence of a character is not a mistake. Plenty of characters are not in this panel: CJ, Kathy, Herbie, Norm, Nelle, Arf, Medusa, Madam Shannon… why is Andromeda more essential than they are? Her role isn’t that large.

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    A mistake is something that’s not right. I was sure people knew that word.

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    There are a couple of twofers that count as one.

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    I myself come out to 32. Later on, I can post the list.

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    If you count the fact that she comes from another country and century…

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    That’s the April Fool! You would have expected that.

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    No, but this was long before that anyway. ‘Fraid I’m getting up in years.