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  1. ampeck commented on Working Daze 29 days ago

    I chuckled a bit … I miss Fantasy Island…and love boat along with the crossovers :D Tattoo was my favorite :D

  2. ampeck commented on Rose is Rose about 1 month ago

    actually when I worked produce the fresh ones were in the back unless there were only a few old ones left. you have no place to put dozen of pieces of produce while you refill… so you move the older ones forward and put the new ones in back.

  3. ampeck commented on The Other Coast 5 months ago

    Yeah and ORcas are actually part of the Dolphin Species

  4. ampeck commented on Kliban 5 months ago

    Half the time this comic makes no sense to me but I still read it because cats! LOL

  5. ampeck commented on Banana Triangle 6 months ago

    this strips confuses me half the time and disgusts me the other half yet I keep coming back….

  6. ampeck commented on Nancy 12 months ago

    love the Everly brothers.. even though their music is “before my time” lovely tribute

  7. ampeck commented on The Other Coast over 1 year ago

    The only insect killer I spray is on my roses and around the entrances to my house… no ants inside please!

  8. ampeck commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    hehe yeah a rug or special litter catcher never works with my cat either… he leaps right over it and the cat always takes off out of the litter box like the hounds of hell are after him so he strews litter a good 5 feet!

  9. ampeck commented on Working Daze almost 2 years ago

    That certainly doesn’t look like the professional belly dancer I saw in Egypt… she actually had a belly :D

  10. ampeck commented on Working Daze almost 2 years ago

    Mine was a commodore but I don’t think it was a 64… that was back in 85 when I was 8!