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  1. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Pickles about 6 hours ago

    It’s a phishing scam. Just don’t answer the phone.


  2. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on For Better or For Worse 2 days ago

    Lynn’s Notes:

    There were times when well meaning friends, knowing I was at home, would drop in during the day. I would come up from the studio, long enough to be polite — sometimes I’d put on the coffee, but I was on a deadline and every minute spent away from the drafting table was time I’d have to make up later on. One woman was very unhappy when I told her I had to work. Having two kids of her own, she looked at me angrily and snapped “So do I!” When I look back at all the comics I did while juggling family, food, chores, business trips, volunteer stuff and just plain living, I wonder how I managed to do it all.

  3. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Compu-toon 2 days ago

    I always thought it was spelled “sic” when used in this context but dictionary.com indicates that “sick” can also be used.

  4. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Compu-toon 5 days ago

    It’s an online service where you can order groceries and have them delivered to your home or business. (http://peapod.com)

  5. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    Lynn’s Notes:

    Katie was starting grade two when we moved to North Bay. (The children in the strip were three years younger than Katie and Aaron). The little school she attended was about a mile and a half down the road, next to a hobby farm. At lunchtime she and the other children could watch the animals through the fence; a donkey, chickens, and some rabbits. On occasion, the farmer would take the kids for rides on his donkey, which I thought was charming. I said to her, “Katie isn’t this a great place to have a school?! This is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life!” and she replied, “Yeah, I will …’cause it stinks!”

  6. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    ^ Check the copyright date in panel 4 – 1967.

  7. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on For Better or For Worse 10 days ago

    Lynn’s Notes:
    When we moved to the North Bay area, people confused it with Thunder Bay. I was hoping that readers would go to a map and see where Thunder Bay is — and they did! The next time you see a beautiful piece of amethyst, such as crystals in a large geode, it might have come from this area. Aside from its nice hotels and good restaurants (something to look forward to when you travel the trans Canada highway) Thunder Bay is famous for its amethyst.

  8. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    This is why I only go to restaurants that have a drive-through. It’s too depressing eating alone inside.

  9. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Tank McNamara 13 days ago

    I was listening to the “Today” show while driving to work this morning and they had a profile on Rory who said he broke up with Caroline Wozniacki to concentrate on his golf. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather have a hottie like Caroline than win golf tournaments.

  10. Cadbury GoComics Pro Member commented on Freshly Squeezed 20 days ago

    From Wikipedia: The Suzuki method, also Suzuki movement, is a method of teaching music conceived and executed by Japanese violinist and pedagogue Shin’ichi Suzuki (1898–1998) dating from the mid-20th century. The central belief of Suzuki, based on his language acquisition theories, is that all people are capable of learning from their environment. The essential components of his method spring from the desire to create the “right environment” for learning music. He also believed that this positive environment would also help to foster character in students.