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  1. Marc commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 23 days ago


  2. Marc commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 1 month ago

    So this is what women look like in their natural state…

  3. Marc commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    LOVE the art in P3. Punjab and the Asp walking casually/seriously, but their shadows look very threatening, especially the hilt of the sword just barely poking through.

  4. Marc commented on Liberty Meadows about 1 month ago

    Pistachio ice cream!

  5. Marc commented on Café con Leche about 1 month ago

    OK, since there’s no way Ray Ray could actually get a girl like this, I now believe she’s running an experiment on him to see if the playa can be domesticated.

  6. Marc commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Here’s to you…

  7. Marc commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 month ago

    The implication is that the heaviest of them weighed more than 30 pounds, but not all of them did. This isn’t a lack of knowledge issue. It’s simply describing the maximum.

  8. Marc commented on Momma about 1 month ago

    Well, someone’s gotta drive your mom to the doctor’s office.

  9. Marc commented on Cathy 2 months ago

    In P2 and P3, Irving shows he has learned how to win in the Cathy-verse. Say what you will about how neurotic characters in this strip are, I seriously wanted to give him a high five at the end.

  10. Marc commented on Dilbert Classics 2 months ago

    And it only took seven comments for someone to say this. We’re slipping here, people!!!