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  1. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall about 2 hours ago

    Maybe it should be tried with police.

  2. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    I’ll break it down for you. The last existential enemy this country had was Great Britain in the War Of 1812. We fought Japan to avenge Pearl Harbor and maintain dominance of the Pacific, not because they were an actual threat to our existence. We fight Al Queda to avenge 9/11 and maintain dominance of the Middle East. Anyone who thinks a few thousand fanatics mostly armed with outmoded rifles is a threat to our existence is delusional.
    jrmerm you chastise me and others for not being intellectually honest, yet you say Rooty is not conservative. Enough said.

  3. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    What? Isn’t Rooty pure enough? The litmus test requires 100% adherence? Ridiculous. Clinton being a tool of the rich and powerful makes her conservative in my eyes. She may only be slightly right of center but she sure ain’t left of center. I’m talking about the generally accepted center, not what far right wingers consider the center.

  4. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    Unfortunately, Warren has forcefully stated that she will not run.
    Lefties do not consider Clinton to be on the left. How is it that conservatives define who is conservative and also define who is liberal? Is it because most of you are so arrogant as to consider your ideology supreme? Giuliani is non-ideological? Please! He’s a right-wing crank and a particularly nasty one.

  5. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    Well said!! I’m a Vietnam Era vet (I was stationed in Germany) and I know very well what the war did to the survivors. In a sense, Memorial Day sickens me. Politicians pay lip service to the sacrifices our vets have made to preserve the overseas assets of the rich and powerful while they plot to cut the VA’s budget. No vet has died in defense of our country since the War of 1812.

  6. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 7 days ago

    There is also Martin O’Malley. I’ll make an early prediction. Hillary will win. YUCK! Having said that, she is far, far better an alternative than any of the (DOUBLE YUCK!!) Republican hopefuls. I live in NY, where the Dems could run Satan against God for the Repubs and still take the electoral vote, so I’ll be voting Green. We’ve got to do something to break the stranglehold the Money Party has on power in this country. It starts by voting third party in local elections and building up. If you can, vote third party in national elections. The Dems suck, but the Repugnants suck even more.

  7. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 10 days ago

    That was a rhetorical question. I know why.
    @Michael Wme
    What is DA?
    I remember George Carlin saying on the Smothers Brothers Show that there was only one party, the Money Party. That is so true.

  8. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 10 days ago

    Sure, the geopolitical benefits can be many. It’s the hell with the masses attitude that concerns me. I remember the effect of NAFTA quite well. Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.

  9. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 10 days ago

    Troubling? That’s an interesting way to gloss over the non-geopolitical issues; the ones that concern the vast majority of people. I want to know how it will affect me and my family. Why the secrecy?

  10. mattro53 commented on Pearls Before Swine 10 days ago

    This is not funny!