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  1. 11 months ago on The Flying McCoys

    “And making me go bald …”

  2. 11 months ago on F Minus

    @ TEMPLO SUD: When you’re on the Internet, and you run across a word you don’t know, you can always Google it. To gentrify is to improve or renovate.

  3. 12 months ago on Strange Brew

    @Bruno: Actually, it’s two pieces.

  4. 12 months ago on Drabble

    They’re taking the tree down, which means Wally has to go outside to go to the bathroom. And if there’s a foot of snow on the ground, and you are only 8 inches tall, well, also, Wally’s a he, so I’ll let you put the pieces together.

  5. 12 months ago on Drabble


  6. 12 months ago on Drabble

    @ bobnanski; Dang, if I’d logged in ten minutes earlier, I’d have gotten to make this comment!

  7. 12 months ago on Frank and Ernest

    Actually, it wasn’t left blank. That’s a self-annihilating sentence.

  8. 12 months ago on The Flying McCoys

    The brontosaurus was a hoax.

  9. 12 months ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Great! Now I’ll know which direction to drive my car.

  10. 12 months ago on Monty

    Pete Townshend would say otherwise.