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  1. 8 days ago on Skippy

    “Skippy” ran until 1945, all we got to see was a selection from the first five years. I would like to have seen more.

  2. 9 days ago on Skippy

    Huh, reruns. GoComics restarted Skippy back at their first strip yesterday.

  3. 10 days ago on Barkeater Lake

    When you say “it’s either him or me” it might not end the way you plan. I think Delores made the right choice.

  4. 11 days ago on One Big Happy

    Look at the picture on the fridge, who’s Denise?

  5. 13 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    “I’m drinking my coffee without creamer today” why didn’t you tell me we’re out of creamer.

  6. 15 days ago on Endtown

    Growing up, Mom and Dad used the term “icebox”, even though we always had a “fridge”. He was born in 1909 and she in 1910.

  7. 15 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Arlo probably sings: " Scare a moose, scare a moose, will you do the fandango?".

  8. 16 days ago on Back to B.C.

    The comics don’t often make me laugh out loud, but this one did.

  9. 18 days ago on The Buckets

    When my mind wanders and someone catches me staring off into space I just tell them I went into screen saver mode.

  10. 20 days ago on Endtown

    Woah, apartment number one wasn’t assigned a new occupant when Wilf Weasel died three years ago, so apparently there’s a long term plan in place. Does this mean that Wilf’s apartment has been used as a butcher shop for all that time? Longer? What else might it have been used for?