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  1. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Jack Ohman about 7 hours ago

    Absolutely! Ohman’s cartoon characterization is brilliant!!!

  2. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Paul Szep about 8 hours ago

    Well for all you war promoters…costsofwar.org

  3. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 8 hours ago

    Moderators might find it unacceptable wbr said;""liberal" in USA today are going around with their head up their rear" and zipp06 called dtroutma; “trouser trout” but those infractions usually get most liberal posters banned for breaking TOS site rules.

  4. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell about 11 hours ago

    Perhaps tom should stop pulling his hair and being twitter pated, just calm down and admit that police should show better judgement and restraint, and they shouldn’t be beating and shooting citizens for little or no reason.The lead article in the Salt Lake Tribune is excellent today. It’s on police training in Salt Lake City. www.sltrib.com

  5. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    The ancient city of Hatra fended off two Roman emperors and repulsed Persia’s powerful Sassanid dynasty lasting 2000years until ISIS blew it up in the first week of March. Nineveh,Nimrud, and Korsabad(home of the winged bulls) have been damaged and Assur may be next,…a 4,500 year old templed Assyrian city. “Those barbaric,criminal terrorists are trying to destroy the heritage of mankind and Iraqs civilization,” said Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Yes, absolutely!

  6. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    You might want to open the book, The Heart of Everything That Is, by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin. It doesn’t sugarcoat Native American life, nor does it discount how we kill 40million buffalo in 10 years to starve the Natives of this land, in order to steal their land, and proceed with genocide of those peoples.

  7. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    Representatives and publications from the Islamic State group have said that statues and reliefs of animals and humans are anathema to their brand of Sunni Islam. “We were ordered by our prophet to take down and destroy them,” explained an unidentified Daesh representative in a video released earlier this month. I in no way give ISIS a pass! I am disgusted by what they do. I am saying it’s a problem common to all societies, they don’t recognize in themselves… General Sherman didn’t razz the South? Our own citizens have destroyed American cultural sites, but Native Americans don’t count in your book I guess, and it wasn’t JUST the Spaniards, as I touched upon, but U.S. soldiers and independent citizens taking part in Manifest Destiny. Oklahoma Indians aren’t too keen on the pipeline by the way.

  8. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    Lisa, did you know that ISRAEL is a leader in desalinization plant technology? They are promoting their ideas to California. So, do you support Israeli business ideas? www.waterworld.com/articles/wwi/print/volume-28/issue-3/regulars/water-leader-focus/leading-israel-s-global-desalination-company.html…. or just go to—-waterworld.com

  9. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Joel Pett 1 day ago

    Oh please! Women are passed over all the time. You only have to look at Congress to see the disproportionate representation. When Patricia Schroeder was first elected to Congress, there was no women’s room to be found among the Congressional water closets. UPS drivers don’t get bathroom breaks, including those who are pregnant.

  10. ahab GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    Address the problem. It goes beyond blame. It’s complicated, and the police and citizens own this problem. It’s NOT a political issue. Unfortunately it does involve racial issues despite blind ignorant claims otherwise.