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I'm tall and 23. Almost 24. EDIT: I'm almost 26 now. Weeeeird. EDIT #2: I am now 26. This is important information. Edit #3: 28, almost 29. I update this every two years...? Edit #4: Definitely 29. EDIT #5: Wow, 30.5. Wild.

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  1. over 1 year ago on Dick Tracy

    Egad. I’m interested to see how this bigotry is dealt with. I’m sad to see this in the strip, but it happens in life. Hopefully we get a happy ending here.

  2. about 3 years ago on Dick Tracy

    This strip is just soooo good. Joe & Mike = $$$

  3. about 3 years ago on Brewster Rockit

    Brewster Rockit is one of the best comic strips going today. I hope more people discover it.

  4. over 3 years ago on Annie

    I really need to read as much as I can of this strip. Did you guys catch the recent Dick Tracy crossover? So good. :)

  5. over 3 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Absolutely adore these crossovers. So glad this strip is still going strong.

  6. over 5 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy has always been like this, as far as I’m concerned. And no, comic strips are not just aimed at school-age children. Sorry you don’t enjoy the story for what it is! I for one, am loving it.

  7. over 5 years ago on Dick Tracy

    I almost missed this strip, as I slept most of yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t. I enjoyed Teevo’s first appearance in Tracy, but man, what a turn for the character. Fantastic storytelling here.

  8. almost 6 years ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    I remember reading Ozy and Millie, and the whole contest and everything. I’m thrilled to finally see the new strip, and wow, this is off to an amazing start. You’ve got a reader.

  9. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Wow, it has been a long time. Can’t believe he got off free! Boo!

  10. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    I love this strip. My goodness.