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  1. about 9 hours ago on Prickly City

    Was Trump biased against himself when he made contributions to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign? What about when she was at his third (so far) wedding, was Trump biased against himself then?

  2. about 19 hours ago on Prickly City

    Let me put this in terms so simple even a Trump voter MIGHT be able to understand it: A dictator (any dictator) of a country (any country) is a traitor to that country. Trump wants to be a dictator. Therefore, Trump wants to be a traitor.

  3. about 19 hours ago on Bloom County 2018

    You DO realize that all intelligent conservatives oppose Trump, right? Legendary conservative icon William F. Buckley had so much contempt for Trump so many years ago that he nearly forgot to use big words (on account of Trump wouldn’t understand them, nor Trump voters, of course). And current conservative icon left the Republican party (while remaining a conservative) in disgust at the nomination of the totally and obviously unfit Trump. Besides all this, I’d bet nobody who has read both our posts would think your IQ is higher than mine—or even 70% of mine. But what the heck, have a nice day.

  4. about 19 hours ago on Thatababy

    These days our robins hang around all winter…..and I’m from Kansas City!

  5. about 19 hours ago on Tom Toles

    When Pardon Pence is done pardoning two Donalds, one Jared, one Ivanka, one Eric, and here a Flynn, there a Manafort, and others too numerous to mention, I get the feeling he’ll let Pruitt twist slowly, slowly, in the wind.

  6. about 19 hours ago on Brevity

    Faun and games………

  7. about 19 hours ago on Andy Capp


    Flo knew that pretty soon she was going to get the upper hand—or the upper strangle!

  8. about 19 hours ago on Jeff Danziger

    Trump is driving the country to drink, and NO, we are not thanking him!

  9. about 19 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    Since we already know that the Trump administration is run along the lines of a Mafia family, maybe Pruitt should be sent to sleep with the fishes. That is, if any fishes are left……..

  10. about 19 hours ago on Back to B.C.

    You know, cavemen could learn a lot from ants…..or even Eatanters!