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  1. 2 days ago on Shoe

    Anthrax for exes and witches with hexes

    Sabretooth tigers and fierce T. Rexes

    Steamrollered silkworms and flies without wings

    These are a few of my favorite things

  2. 4 days ago on Matt Wuerker

    We know that Trump’s senility is (finally) catching up to his insanity, but what the hell is Roy Moore’s excuse, and what the even MORE hell is the excuse of people who would vote for this piece of walking manure?

  3. 4 days ago on Tom Toles

    I tawt I taw a Putin cat……..I did! I did see a Putin cat! (Also a war criminal…..)

  4. 4 days ago on Wizard of Id Classics

    Talk about your low hanging fruit……..

  5. 4 days ago on Lil' Donnie

    Wonder if Roy Moore thinks that if he molested an underage girl on Main Street, people would vote for him anyway……..

  6. 4 days ago on Two Party Opera

    PLUS the pumpjack went to a boarding school that required uniforms, which is almost like serving in the military…….

  7. 6 days ago on Matt Wuerker

    Just more conflicts of interest—care to bet if Jared is buying up some of the land already? (With taxpayer money, natch.)

  8. 6 days ago on Thatababy

    Last year was his first ThatAChristmas, too…….Btw Funky Winkerbean, Doonesbury, and a few other comic strips also age their characters. Of course, Andy Capp is still middle-aged even though he fought in WW II…….

  9. 6 days ago on Tom Toles

    When faced with a perve

    The voters must swerve

    Or they’ll get exactly

    All that they deserve

    (Some voters in the state of Alabammer

    Seem dumber than a rock or a sledge hammer)

  10. 6 days ago on Tank McNamara

    If Barb is under your tree, Tank, you’ll have no time to feel bad about the tree!