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  1. Saskfan commented on Big Top 5 days ago

    People will be forking over their money in no time flat.

  2. Saskfan commented on 9 to 5 12 days ago

    “I’m still the king of nothing.”

    Thank you, James Seals.

  3. Saskfan commented on Dark Side of the Horse 15 days ago

    I’ve always hated leaf blowers. Now I know why…

  4. Saskfan commented on The Boobiehatch 16 days ago

    Now that is a wind chime! Those bass notes must travel for hundreds of kilometres. Bet it drives the neighbours crazy, though.

  5. Saskfan commented on Stone Soup 16 days ago

    @ melmarsh9v: Val and the gang are in the Pacific Northwest.

  6. Saskfan commented on Big Top 18 days ago

    @Doc Toon: our formerly feral feline MAY be afraid of dogs, but he doesn’t hesitate to chase them away from his demesnes, no matter how big they may be. He’s willing to try to murder anything from Chihuahua puppies to full-grown Rottweilers. It was interesting when he went after a German Shepherd with a skateboarder on the other end of the leash.

    Our cat also killed five young rabbits this spring. The last two of those poor creatures went to as friend with a snake. Slithery enjoyed the snacks and was very grateful for something almost as big as the little cats that like to torment her. Fortunately for her little kitty housemates, Slithery is usually in a cage; but she’s working on developing opposable thumbs so she can get her revenge…

  7. Saskfan commented on Stone Soup 19 days ago

    Hey, if it gets her wearing clothes that fit, go for it. At least she won’t look like an underage hooker (which is how most clothing companies and many advertisements seem to want girls to dress).

  8. Saskfan commented on Stone Soup 20 days ago

    But if Val were to simply tell Alix what she’s going to wear, there’d be no comedy, no interesting story to enjoy, and no knowing smiles from parents who’ve done that.

  9. Saskfan commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 27 days ago

    I’m, not 8’m. Stupid iPad glass keyboard.

  10. Saskfan commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 27 days ago

    In my own defense, 8’m reading these reruns for the first time. I thought Steve had stopped drawing this strip and that this was a coincidence. If it is a tribute, I have to agree that it’s a very good one.