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  1. Saskfan commented on Stone Soup 19 days ago

    Hear, hear!!! What’s the point of eating an expensive glass of milk if you don’t get the flavour of proper yogurt?

  2. Saskfan commented on Close to Home 20 days ago

    Oh come ON, everyone; it’s a cartoon for God’s sake.

  3. Saskfan commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 21 days ago


  4. Saskfan commented on Reality Check 21 days ago

    The only time I saw someone with his tongue stuck to anything, it as a frost fence post. It was at elementary school, and there was a teacher already on his way with a cup of hot water.

  5. Saskfan commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    It’s spelling, Jim. but not as we know it. :)

  6. Saskfan commented on Big Top 21 days ago

    Good morning! I’ll have a short stack of regular pancakes with maple syrup, two sausages, orange juice, and a flagon of tea, please, and a berry delicious smoothie in a travel mug.

    And good morning, Mrs. Ladywolf, wherever you are!

  7. Saskfan commented on Big Top 21 days ago

    Dusty, try saying,“You are no longer easily suggestible.”

  8. Saskfan commented on Bound and Gagged 22 days ago

    And I once saw somebody sing the sound effects without electronic assistance. At least it’s a not-bad earworm.

  9. Saskfan commented on Big Top 24 days ago

    @ Maykitten: I’ve read your replies to my Sunday comments, sir, and I apologize for the error. S’what I get for assuming from the name. :)

    But I still want video of the concert, please!!

    And the police should still have to answer to noise bylaw complaints. Maybe just hold the phone up to a window so they can hear the neighbour? It worked for a friend of mine 30 years ago (Yes, it’s 15 minutes past the end of night-time noise bylaw times, But why are you complaining about noise at the airport? You’re NOT at the airport…? He’s revving his car that loud?!? From accross the street and two houses away? One moment, please… Is the officer there yet?) Maybe ALL the nieghbours should let the police hear him…

    Or…. get ALL the neighbours to chip in for a huge bag of fertilizer, and get together at 1 a.m. to write something about his personality on his lawn. With the fertilizer. Whether it’s burned to a crisp brown, or it’s a lush green that needs cutting daily, he could have the word “a$$hole” in his grass all summer.

  10. Saskfan commented on Big Top 24 days ago

    Just the bear truth.