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  1. catman5169 commented on The Humble Stumble 1 day ago

    …and if the dog has a pup…it’d be a melon collie baby….

  2. catman5169 commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    I understand they’re coming out with an instruction book on how to understand the instruction book.

  3. catman5169 commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Amen!! I’m waiting for that beautiful, rich young woman who’s too proud to let her husband work!!!

  4. catman5169 commented on PreTeena 3 days ago

    All of my furry children have always had their “motors” and “playpens” removed just as soon as they were old enough!!

  5. catman5169 commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong…I love dogs as well…cats are just low maintenance…

  6. catman5169 commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    That’s like the clip I saw on TV the other night….the dog is on a leash, and the cat is leading him upstairs!!

  7. catman5169 commented on The Born Loser 6 days ago

    I’ve been using that line for years.

  8. catman5169 commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    In high school. we had to do a project like that for Biology….that was one I’d rather “leaf” alone.

  9. catman5169 commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    A bird in the hand is often messy.

  10. catman5169 commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    My ex always accused me of being deaf….I kept telling her to get my attention before she started talking. One night, she had a friend over…they were in the front of the house while I was in the back….she make the comment that I was deaf….from the back of the house I said “I am not”!!!!! Her friend got a good laugh and the ex was slightly embarrassed…but she still kept talking w/o getting my attention first!!!