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  1. catman5169 commented on The Born Loser about 7 hours ago

    If you’d arrived early, Veeblefester would’ve died of a heart attack.

  2. catman5169 commented on Shoe about 7 hours ago

    Hickory dickory dock….three mice ran up the clock…..no….wait….that’s been told….

    Mary had a little lamb…..and the doctors were shocked…..

    Mary had a little lamb, a little ham….a little jam……a soda and an ice cream fizz….and man how sick our Mary is…

  3. catman5169 commented on Mutt & Jeff 1 day ago

    Good thing Mutt didn’t have his fez on!!

  4. catman5169 commented on PreTeena 1 day ago

    I thought it….you said it!!!

  5. catman5169 commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    Like Garfield wouldn’t have done the same thing…IF he’d gotten to the cookie first.

  6. catman5169 commented on Wizard of Id Classics 2 days ago

    I worked with a young lady whose last name was Boober…..interpret as ye may!!!

  7. catman5169 commented on Mutt & Jeff 2 days ago

    When the cats exit…the mice enter….

  8. catman5169 commented on The Born Loser 2 days ago

    Try sergeant on for size!! Uhh…sargent? nope!!

  9. catman5169 commented on Nancy Classics 3 days ago

    That’s why I haven’t washed my truck in so long…we’d have a tornado!!
    In high school, I washed my car every weekend for several weeks…only to have it rain late that day or the next….stopped washing for about 6 weeks…no rain…washed it again….you guessed it…..

  10. catman5169 commented on Andy Capp 3 days ago

    The pub got a “break” on it’s inspection that day.