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  1. catman5169 commented on Mutt & Jeff about 19 hours ago

    As you travel down the highway of life, keep your eyes on the rear end of the car ahead of you…not on the girl sitting beside you….

  2. catman5169 commented on Mutt & Jeff 2 days ago

    I’ve heard Sam’s Club has all the Christmas goodies out…remember back in the good ole days when the Christmas stuff made it’s appearance after Thanksgiving?

  3. catman5169 commented on Aunty Acid 2 days ago

    The late Smokey Joe was my alarm cat…if I wasn’t up by a certain time M-F, he’d hop up on the bed and nuzzle me and purr until I got up; Saturday, he let me sleep…Sunday, he made sure I was up in time for Sunday School and Church!!

  4. catman5169 commented on Andy Capp 2 days ago

    At least he didn’t ask if you’d been to the beauty salon’s emergency entrance and ask for an estimate.

  5. catman5169 commented on PreTeena 4 days ago

    Back in the bench seat days….my girlfriend and I were sitting next to each other, when, out of the blue…and for no known reason…she said to kiss her ass…I kissed her on the lips and asked what else she wanted….she quickly went to her side of the car…and that was the only sugar I got that night….and, here some 40+ years later, we’re still friends!!

  6. catman5169 commented on Andy Capp 5 days ago

    It’s Gym’s Pub he was talking about.

  7. catman5169 commented on Geech 5 days ago

    Sign on my cubicle at work: Don’t let me sleep past quitting time.

  8. catman5169 commented on PreTeena 5 days ago

    It seems like Candy is dong that just to spite Jeri…not that she has interest in Johnson.

  9. catman5169 commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    Don’t forget the smaller vinyl “CD’s” with the big hole in the center!!
    Still have my collection of both from the 50’s-70’s….still play ’em too!!

  10. catman5169 commented on Mutt & Jeff 6 days ago

    My ex stopped drinking beer….I gave her a funnel…..