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  1. catman5169 commented on Luann Againn about 7 hours ago

    Two corn dogs and tater tots sufficed for me!!

  2. catman5169 commented on The Humble Stumble about 7 hours ago

    If and when it hap pens to you…you will~~

  3. catman5169 commented on B.C. about 7 hours ago

    One of the many reasons I gave thanks yesterday….I didn’t have to go out today!!!

  4. catman5169 commented on Wizard of Id about 7 hours ago

    Not even that outfit could make me venture forth to the malls/stores today. In fact, the place I call home is having a “shop small” day tomorrow…encouraging folks to shop at the “Mom and Pop” stores…which is a good idea….

  5. catman5169 commented on Geech about 7 hours ago

    Try that too much and she’ll put a headlight on the mower.

  6. catman5169 commented on Shoe about 7 hours ago

    …be sure not to use that “weapon” near any fires that might be burning….half the country could be wiped out….

  7. catman5169 commented on Garfield about 7 hours ago

    Diet….like work….are four letter words….I try to avoid both!!

  8. catman5169 commented on The Humble Stumble 1 day ago

    I never pay all the bills at once….hopefully the above won’t happen….reckon???

  9. catman5169 commented on Wizard of Id 1 day ago

    The way stores are these days…putting out Christmas items after Halloween….it won’t be long until Valentine stuff will be put out after Christmas…

  10. catman5169 commented on The Born Loser 1 day ago

    If you forget to bless the food…use a takeoff on a children’s blessing: God is good…God is great…..let us thank Him….for the food we ate!!!