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  1. David B commented on Stuart Carlson 2 days ago

    HilLIARy has been around longer.

  2. David B commented on Chip Bok 6 days ago

    It will be hard to force people to vote when they can’t afford a valid picture ID? Seems to discriminate?

  3. David B commented on Ginger Meggs 7 days ago

    Free Kisses – $1.00

  4. David B commented on The Argyle Sweater 7 days ago

    What? No cup holder for his midnight cup of warm blood?

  5. David B commented on Bound and Gagged 7 days ago

    I used to read my horoscope at the end of the day and never did I get one that predicted my day correctly. One did get close though. It read “You will come into money today.” Well, it was payday and I received my paycheck.

  6. David B commented on Baldo 7 days ago

    The Simpsons had the synthesized boy band with the siren singing “yvaN eht nioJ,” (Join the Navy). When they turned off the synthesizer, none of the kids could sing.
    Much like the ‘singers’ they have today.

  7. David B commented on Crumb 15 days ago

    Smells like ninjas. Chickens are domesticated fowl, which means that they are birds.

  8. David B commented on Baldo 15 days ago

    Why are they removing the coil to replace the spark plugs?

  9. David B commented on Ginger Meggs 28 days ago

    I think it’s because of location Jason? In England, it is 999 or the European Union’s 112. Check it to see if England did the same thing? Americans might not get the 000 code?

  10. David B commented on Broom Hilda 28 days ago

    I use the old childhood ditty, “I know you are, but what am I?”