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  1. BillH77 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Ah, the government worker goes off to his well paying job and the normal taxpayer dreads his. Welcome to 2014 America.

  2. BillH77 commented on Liberty Meadows 5 days ago

    Gotta admit Cho is one of the best artists I’ve seen in years.

  3. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 13 days ago

    why wait?

  4. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 18 days ago

    It is estimated up to a million illegal immigrants will come across the border per year. The have no skills, no education, and no disease inoculation. Instead Obama makes jokes and every poster here ignore the extreme danger these illegal aliens pose.

  5. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 19 days ago

    Corporations are becoming more powerful…

    That’s rich coming from the side that supported Obama’s bail out of GM and now GM’s faulty vehicles have killed over 5,000 people. Also, the VA isn’t a corporation but they let hundreds of veterans die and you didn’t care.

  6. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 19 days ago

    So, you want to “kill” the other side? Cool.

  7. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 19 days ago

    Hobbylobby should have dropped health care for its employees.

    Obama care will give America the same level of care given to veterans.

    Most of the non-veteran leftist posters on this page would like that.

  8. BillH77 commented on Luann 19 days ago

    You’ll see Gunther and Rosa in a year or two. Gunther will be a man. He will be the polar opposite of the “pajama boy” that is shown in modern America. It will be refreshing.

  9. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant about 1 month ago

    Yes, Palin was a nut job; she warned people about health care panels which would decide on medical care for people and keep it from them…

    Just like what is being done to American veterans at the VA. Secret lists were kept, health care denied, veterans who demanded better care were put on special lists for further review, and records falsified so administrators could get special bonuses.

    But, bobby, you never served a day in the military so sort of smile that men who put their lives and years of time on the line were denied medical care and died neglected. In your heart you have glee over their misfortune. You got to see better men get “dissed” and it makes you happy.

  10. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant about 1 month ago

    The nation has a debt ratio to GDP of > 100%. The IRS is destroying records to cover up crimes. The borders are completely open. Radical Islam is on the march again. Gas Prices are over 100% higher than 5 years past.

    Bury your head… that’s all you worthless leftists are good for.