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  1. BillH77 commented on Luann about 14 hours ago

    I think yesterday’s strip should be turned over to the NOW organization and they can protest over violence against women.

  2. BillH77 commented on Luann about 14 hours ago

    Assault is assault. Cell phone caught the act. Nothing would be funnier than next weeks strip showing the instructor doing the “perp walk” to the police car. I am very tempted to turn this strip over to some feminists and have them protest this strip for violence against women.

  3. BillH77 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    You’re right. The cartoonist is supporting assault and harassment.

  4. BillH77 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Criminal charges and work place violence instantly suspend tenure.

  5. BillH77 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Luann just got college paid for free. Sue. Also, the instructor is looking at assault and harassment.

    Just what sort of loony tunes world does this writer live in?

  6. BillH77 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    The prof could be out of a job tomorrow if this is being caught on a cell phone video and the student decides to go to the dean and file a harassment charge.

    This strip isn’t funny nor is it even close to true to life.

  7. BillH77 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Chill out, Art Dude. You’re at a rinky dink community college.

    BTW, I’ve been offered a job at my local community college to teach two sections of COBOL. I found out the pay and turned them down.

  8. BillH77 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    My son is a former submariner, one of the guys who ran the engine room. He is attending college and is appalled at the level of academics displayed by the students. The US Navy is absolutely ruthless in training the sailors. Why? Because the ocean is absolutely unforgiving. So, now he is in college, the kids use their gadgets too much, don’t know how to study. My son is getting a near 4.0 GPA and shakes his head. His peers are clueless.

  9. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 9 days ago

    What is your end game? In Texas there was a “Stand with the Prophet” conference where thousands of muslims were calling for Sharia law in the USA. Prior to 1960 that would have been called treason. In 2015 we give unlimited emigration to the people who mean to enslave us.

  10. BillH77 commented on Luann 12 days ago

    Greg is too alien to know anything about today’s military. Heck, Luann’s brother is seen as a heroic firefighter and I work next to them: tough guys but at the end of the day just government workers. Gunther would have to be a Marine – and this kid isn’t physically fit enough to make the grade – or US Army in either infantry or armor. If Gunther actually did get in the army he would gravitate towards one of the combat support MOSs, like communications. Garrison on a modern US Army base is borderline like being in jail.