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  1. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant about 5 hours ago

    Obama just came out and said he has no plan on dealing with ISIS. It’s obvious that Obama hates his fellow Americans more that are concerned about high taxes, regulations, and government spending than a bunch of Islamic terrorists that cut off heads of journalists stone defenseless women to death.

    Leftists are always abject cowards. That applies to you, Hiram.

  2. BillH77 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    She gave up Harvard to be help at a medical supply center. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  3. BillH77 commented on Liberty Meadows 4 days ago

    Assault and battery? I know this is a comic strip but most bars have videos in them. You just can’t bust a beer bottle on a person’s head.

    If that person needs medical attention then Jen – rightly – should be doing a “perp” walk and looking at 90 days.

  4. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 7 days ago

    The same nancy pee-lousywho gave her district a federal exemption from California’s water restrictions…
    Follow the money

  5. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 7 days ago

    It takes a president with a special sort of class to denounce Islamic terrorists who cut off a man’s head but that president then goes out and does 18 holes of golf.

    But Obama’s idiot supporters will support him no matter what.

  6. BillH77 commented on Liberty Meadows 10 days ago

    Wow, it’s been months and the main story is back. Cool

  7. BillH77 commented on Liberty Meadows 11 days ago

    who cares if she says lets play.

  8. BillH77 commented on Liberty Meadows 11 days ago

    What an excellent idea? Please define a winner?

  9. BillH77 commented on Luann 12 days ago

    Usually Parents drop kids off at dorms. When did that change?

  10. BillH77 commented on Pat Oliphant 15 days ago

    There used to be a legal thing called a “presumption of innocence”. First we let the IRS get away with guilty until proven innocent. Then the cops point loaded weapons at people when they are unarmed (BTW, that’s a felony by the police called assault with a deadly weapon). American is now such a police state that Obama went to a golf club unannounced, the secret service searched the dining room, they told the patrons to stand up and be frisked, a patron had the nerve to ask for permission to finish his meal first, and the secret service man put his hand on his weapon and said, “so you don’t want to cooperate?”

    It’s a police state.