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i'm a headbanger.i love heavy metal and shock rock music! i also like weird al yankovic.i enjoy going to amusement parks and casinos.i also like playing the drums,photography and traveling.

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  1. over 4 years ago on Reality Check

    i want a new that won’t quack all night or i’ll tie him up with duct tape.

  2. over 4 years ago on One Big Happy


  3. over 4 years ago on F Minus

    i remember ‘pitfall’.i played that game on the coleco vision.

  4. over 4 years ago on Close to Home

    look at me,i’m white & nerdy!

  5. over 4 years ago on The Flying McCoys

    he must have thousands of friends on facebook.

  6. over 4 years ago on Ziggy

    this reminds me of a weird al yankovic song: i’ll sue yai sued taco bell ‘cause i ate half a million chulapas and i got fat.i sued panasonic.they never said i shouldn’t use their microwave to dry off my cat.i sued earthlink ‘cause i called ’em up and they had the nerve to put me on hold.i sued starbucks ’cause i spilled a frappucino in my lap and brr it was cold.i sued toys-r-us ’cause i swallowed a nerf ball and nearly choked to death.i sued petco ’cause i ate a bag of kitty litter and now i’ve got bad breath.i sued coca cola,yo ‘cause i put my finger down in a bottle and it got stuck.i sued duracell…they never told me not to shove that AA right up my nose.i sued home depot…’cause they sold me a hammer which they knew i might drop on my toes.i sued dell computers ‘cause i took a bath with my laptop-now it doesn’t work.if you deliver my pizza 30 seconds late,i’ll sue ya!i sued ben affleck….aw,do i even need a reason? if i sprain my ankle while i’m robbing your place.if i hurt my knuckles when i punch you in the face,i’ll sue ya! i’ll take all your money!

  7. over 4 years ago on The Middletons

    i’d love to see inferno.

  8. over 4 years ago on Off the Mark

    i want a new that won’t raid the icebox or quack all that’ll stay in that’s never gonna try to migrate or escape.or i’ll tie him up with duct tape.

  9. over 4 years ago on Off the Mark

    or devil’s child by judas priest.

  10. over 4 years ago on Rose is Rose

    me too! it looks even better when it’s wet.