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  1. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Bloom County 15 days ago

    But somehow got stuck with stockings and shaving our armpits.

  2. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on PC and Pixel 28 days ago

    Years ago, a hobbyist man in our area built a robot whose sole function was to find an outlet and plug itself in anytime it’s battery started running low.

  3. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Rudy Park about 1 month ago

    With falling oil prices, the premiums are being brought back in Alberta. As before, they will be reduced or eliminated for low-income users, but can’t really be called “graduated” otherwise, I think, which makes them even flatter than the flat tax. (On the other hand, they’ve also bowed to pressure to make income taxes slightly less flat.)

  4. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Cul de Sac about 1 month ago

    Picky Eaters are all different, and no sleep-away camp could possibly have enough provisions to accommodate a group of them. (Especially since even familiar food starts to look unfamiliar in unfamiliar surroundings.)

  5. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Moderately Confused 3 months ago

    Actually, the “new” novel was written long ago (probably before “To Kill a Mockingbird”), but is only now being published now.

  6. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on FoxTrot 3 months ago

    In Canada, produce prices in grocery stores are still posted in large letters “per pound”, and in much smaller letters “per kilogram”, but the receipt generally only shows the price per kilogram. It’s also quite common still to give people’s heights in feet and inches, and weights in pounds. Being so close to the U.S. may have something to do with it.

  7. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    The fact that streaming services are offered by small number of very large companies with plenty of clout, and radio stations are far more numerous and generally have little clout individually has nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

  8. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on The Boondocks 3 months ago

    No, Santa Claus is society’s way of teaching children not to believe everything they’re told. Unfortunately, it’s often not very effective.

  9. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Off the Mark 3 months ago

    Because paradise has all good things, of course! (Though presumably only the lightest of rain.)

  10. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Pooch Cafe 3 months ago

    Umm, because most jobs are posted online now, and not in newspapers.