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  1. SKJAM! commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Also, re writing someone from prison, I think the prison authorities can block your letters from going to certain people if they request that. (Like the victims of stalkers.)

  2. SKJAM! commented on Win, Lose, Drew 5 days ago

    Getting one of those requires a true love.

  3. SKJAM! commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    We didn’t even see Tarzan move, and neither did Wolf. Apparently the jungle lord is just establishing his dominance today.

  4. SKJAM! commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    It might be one of those fancy key rings that unlock the car from a distance, and thus tell you what car belongs to the key.

  5. SKJAM! commented on Shutterbug Follies 7 days ago

    Pagers that only give numbers! Remember those?

  6. SKJAM! commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    If you actually hear Tarzan coming, he wanted you to hear.

  7. SKJAM! commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    I suspect Gruesome’s sigh is one of, “so many people I need to kill, so little opportunity to actually do so.”

  8. SKJAM! commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    One of my ancestors jumped ship in the 1700s and stayed in the American colonies illegally. Yes, he spoke English (with a Scots accent), but that wasn’t the majority language in North America at the time.

  9. SKJAM! commented on Boomerangs 13 days ago

    Harry Knowles takes the bus?

  10. SKJAM! commented on Phil Hands 13 days ago

    Also, bleach your skin and hair. Might not make them mistake you for a white kid, but a moment’s hesitation on the police’s part may save your life.