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Over the Hedge by T Lewis and Michael Fry

Over the Hedge

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  1. Nightlasher commented on Baldo 24 days ago

    With apologies to Groucho Marx (The Marx Brothers’ “Go West” had a very similar exchange lol)

  2. Nightlasher commented on Baldo 27 days ago

    Shame on ye, Baldo, after having been with Estella this long! :P

  3. Nightlasher commented on Thatababy 2 months ago

    Eh, not likely.
    But Frozen crossed with Kingdom Hearts is.
    You know you want to see Else fight Aqua.

  4. Nightlasher commented on Lio 3 months ago

    Luckily for that cat it’s not the Kingdom Hearts version of Mickey Mouse

  5. Nightlasher commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    Really it’s mostly just the animation style that bugs me, but I am one of those rare people who dislikes Adventure Time.


  6. Nightlasher commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 6 months ago

    Also anyone else hoping Groucho becomes a regular to TNAoQV?

  7. Nightlasher commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 6 months ago

    “Did anyone ever tell you you look like Prince of Wales? I don’t mean the present Prince of Wales; one of the old Wales. And when I say Wales, I mean whales. I know a whale when I see one.”

  8. Nightlasher commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 6 months ago

    I saw a brief description of Paris in the 20th Century on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_in_the_20th_century Verne was disturbingly perceptive.

  9. Nightlasher commented on Big Nate 7 months ago

    Just a random guess: Nate’s dad

  10. Nightlasher commented on Thatababy 7 months ago

    Hated the other “feels”-y movies like Up and Wall-E, but Frozen wasn’t bad.

    That song is nearly impossible to get out, I’m blaming subliminal messaging.