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  1. PhoebeDog commented on FoxTrot Classics 22 days ago

    I’m grateful for the info, I’m reading as I eat breakfast before work and I don’t have time to try and figure it out. Plus I’m not a programmer so it would just have been one of those comics I never understood, because trust me I wouldn’t have spent much time on it.

  2. PhoebeDog commented on Luann 25 days ago

    I have never underststood why some women want to drag their “menfolk” to things that they hate. Usually these are the same women who wouldn’t sit and watch a sports event with their guy under any circumstances. I’m a woman, and I’d rather watch a football game than look at shoes and purses and then watch a sappy movie any day.

  3. PhoebeDog commented on Cathy 27 days ago

    I’m a woman and I still wonder what the heck takes some women so long once they get into a stall.

  4. PhoebeDog commented on Freshly Squeezed about 1 month ago

    Notes of endearment? From Liz? Surely you jest.

  5. PhoebeDog commented on Freshly Squeezed about 1 month ago

    HA! I love it—for once he got her.

  6. PhoebeDog commented on Lucky Cow 2 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing! I have been married more than 30 years and I don’t look anything like that!

  7. PhoebeDog commented on Stone Soup 2 months ago

    What am I missing? Don’t they Skype with Grandma anyway? Why is this any better? In fact, I’d much rather sit in front of a screen than have to sit there and hold one. But as I said, maybe I am missing something.

  8. PhoebeDog commented on Stone Soup 3 months ago

    I doubt that Evie is 70 plus. Val and Joan can’t be that old—i think 30s—so that would put Evie in her early 60’s at most.

  9. PhoebeDog commented on Broom Hilda 3 months ago

    Dear Abby is now written by her daughter, so people still write to Dear Abby.

  10. PhoebeDog commented on Freshly Squeezed 3 months ago

    Gosh, he actually has to talk to the witch? Here’s guessing the conversation will be “whine, whine, complain, complain, etc.,”