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  1. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on HUBRIS! about 7 hours ago

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    The story is really good.
    I do believe her dad is going to have to adjust his opinion a bit.
    I feel he just learned another lesson….don’t judge till you know.
    And that rifle….I got the experience to shoot an Olympic target rifle…..I too with it could but bullets into the same hole. I just could not do it as fast as the owner could. He was a biathlon participant. Cross Country skiing with rifle accuracy shoot at different stages. He was instructing us GI up in Alaska when we were setting up a course for this. So he had to be fast on the skis and fast on the rifle. Six 4 inch targets at 50 feet as fast as you could. You switched using standing one time and prone the next. I could see why he was an Olympian but that rifle was really amazing.

  2. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 7 hours ago

    You would be correct on that assumption. I am at my office now. Traffic is nil for right now. Everyone should be home and safe as I hope you all are.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and just a generally good day one and all.
    May the Great Spirit keep you close to the heart.
    I have the watch……All is quiet…..for now.

  3. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown 3 days ago

    Chic knows all about what they are doing. He sent the note to Holly and informed her. Remember he asked if she wanted to eat the Twinkie, hated to waste food if she threw up.
    The colony knows about Chic…..his origin may be the only secret….remember he worked in the cafeteria….how could any one not see him.
    His father has seized an opportunity to rid himself of this “albatross”. Chic is an embarrassment that if it got out he made an exception to his rule of fratricide when he expects no exceptions it would seriously undermine his authority.
    Just Wally does not have a clue about any of this….he was tossed into a cell before any of these stories got out. All he knows is Jim has gone crazy, Holly and Chic are in danger, and he can do nothing about it….for now.

  4. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown 3 days ago

    “There is no one else behind the walls, Really! Where do you hear such rumors?”
    My take on this is this scene has happened shortly after Jim took off to go after Holly and Chic. That would explain Wally still reeling from the effects of Jim’s words.
    It would make sense to seal first then gas.
    We may be witness to Wally’s escape but for one thing. He does not have a clue on how to get to Holly. He may however stumble upon the gassers and shut it off before too much gas is in. May be enough already for Jim trapped under that ladder (maybe) and Wally can stop it before it does fill the walls.

  5. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on HUBRIS! 3 days ago

    I just love the look on Hubris’ face……as Iammu said…..Gun Control.
    I don’t shoot that good any more but do put twenty rounds with in the size of a silver dollar at 50 meters.
    556 out of a stock model Bushmaster M4. Iron sights only.
    After I do that I have the same look as Hubris.

  6. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on The Martian Confederacy 3 days ago

    Looks like the story is continuing…..well let me grab some caramel popcorn and sit back.
    When does their version of Honey Boo Boo arrive??

  7. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on Scurvyville 3 days ago

    8 track??
    Especially that one…..we nicknamed those “the plunger”….you pushed down on the handle to change tracks.

  8. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on The Martian Confederacy 4 days ago

    Hey, he cooks, gotta be good. (ha)

  9. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on HUBRIS! 4 days ago

    For us its Pizza…..

  10. Veteran GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    As you say or lack of control.
    He has found himself used as a pawn in the death of someone he cared for.
    That still weighs on his mind….even after telling Holly the story which may or may not have been the full story.
    To give him a break he has had a rough time of it….they all have in this reality so they are doing the best they can. Just Wally has got to watch that temper and use his head.
    He ain’t big enough to fight them so use his wits to out think them.
    Sad to hear about Cocker….seen him perform live on time back at the U of Maryland. Great show…. Grand Funk Railroad and Joe Cocker.