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  1. yusodum commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 5 days ago

    My guess was the doctor: He wasn’t carrying golf clubs.

  2. yusodum commented on Ted Rall 25 days ago


    The issue here is the way the law is set up, that the CEO is committed to increase the share price of the company. However, the share price is not tied to the value of the company, but to the quarterly reports.

    So if a CEO makes some investments to ensure long term stability, it will show up as a lower income for a quarter, which means that the CEO is doing a bad job.

    If instead he sacks a bunch of grunts, raises the product price or cuts corners in the manufacturing, his quarterly profits go up and he’s a good CEO.

    Fundamentally, American CEO’s are being paid to do a bad job.


  3. yusodum commented on Matt Wuerker about 1 month ago

    And meanwhile Boko Haram butchers children in Nigeria. Sorryyyy… I keep forgetting noone cares. Boo! ISIL is coming to get you!

  4. yusodum commented on Magic in a Minute about 1 month ago

    In the last panel where he’s holding up the card, he’s not holding up one card. He’s holding up two cards glued tightly together.

    In the drawing in the middle (and place the chosen card on top) the top card that he is putting on is the card he actually chose. The one he is putting it on top of is “your” card with the drawing and the glue.

    So you just need to get your prepared card to the top of the pile somehow. The other guy never touches it.

  5. yusodum commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    That is an absolutely brilliant reply from Hillary. It doesn’t seem to be true that she said it, though? Considering how many other dumb things she has said, it’s odd that this one lingers.

  6. yusodum commented on Truth Facts 3 months ago

    Sssh. It’s Denmark, but don’t tell anyone.

  7. yusodum commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    And meanwhile, Boko Haram still holds 220 school girls captured.

    Oops, sorry, my bad. That’s yesterday’s news. Nobody cares.

  8. yusodum commented on Matt Bors 3 months ago

    Don’t want your nude selfies to leak, ladies? Don’t upload them to a data center that you don’t even know where is.

  9. yusodum commented on Clay Jones 4 months ago

    ‘twas a jest, I’m sure. Isis is an egyptian goddess.

  10. yusodum commented on Henry Payne 4 months ago

    Burger King is on the stock exchange and pays out a dividend. Since most of their stockholders would be foreigners, it means that their main purpose always was dragging money out of the US. I don’t see why people suddenly now feels as if this move is a betrayal to the US. Burger King does not care about the US. In fact, they are required by law to not care about the US.