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  1. Peam commented on The Fusco Brothers about 4 hours ago

    One hump or two?

  2. Peam commented on Lug Nuts 3 days ago

    By George, he’s got it!

  3. Peam commented on Close to Home 4 days ago

    3-day rule.

  4. Peam commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 days ago

    And anywhere where fresh squid are available. Like it – doesn’t taste of much in moderation but certainly decorates the dish; just go easy on extra salt.

  5. Peam commented on Poorly Drawn Lines 4 days ago

    DiscWorld revisited.

  6. Peam commented on Kitchen Capers 4 days ago

    A classic indeed. Nice hint about freezing. Thanks.

  7. Peam commented on Reply All Lite 5 days ago

    Try “I’m feeling lucky!”

  8. Peam commented on On A Claire Day 5 days ago

    Ours has be going strong for over 40 years, maybe 50; we inherited it from my mother. Hidden under all the lights and decorations, it looks just fine! We used to have live ones, and keep them from year to year, but they’d still give out after about 5 years, just a shame.

  9. Peam commented on Lug Nuts 5 days ago

    And he would never go out after dark as his glowing eyes would frighten people.

  10. Peam commented on Free Range 5 days ago

    Fahrenheit 451