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  1. Peam commented on Half Full 4 days ago

    looks like they’re laying in for the curling season….

  2. Peam commented on Lug Nuts 4 days ago

    Some assembly required.

  3. Peam commented on Jim Benton Cartoons 4 days ago

    Hare today, gone tomorrow.

  4. Peam commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show 5 days ago

    aka Banded Archerfish, (sounds nicer than ’toxic ejaculator".

  5. Peam commented on Mike du Jour 6 days ago

    My thought exactly…..

  6. Peam commented on Speed Bump 8 days ago

    Had to wait for the creation of the carrot.

  7. Peam commented on Half Full 10 days ago

    Heliograph, perhaps?

  8. Peam commented on For Better or For Worse 12 days ago

    I honestly can’t figure out how I ever found time to work, and that still after having to cut down on my golf!

  9. Peam commented on B.C. 18 days ago

    Eureka – I’ve finally got a use for it!!

  10. Peam commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago

    I thought Newton first 2 laws stated that 1) if a stopped body was supposed to be moving, hit it with a hammer, and 2) if it was moving when it was supposed to be stopped, apply duck tape (though it may have been ‘pitch’ back then.)