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  1. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich 20 days ago

    I don’t think that getting this guy to the polls is going to solve anything.

  2. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords.

  3. badcyclist commented on Jeff Danziger about 1 month ago

    Well, after all, harleyquinn is the Joker’s henchgirl. It comes with the territory that she is just a little off-bubble. Lavishly praising a president who starts a war of aggression on made-up grounds, while blasting a president who is struggling to get the country out of the resulting morass— it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  4. badcyclist commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    The right wing has no sense of humor or style. It’s just the same old lies told ad nauseam. And it doesn’t matter what the subject is.

    Print a funny cartoon, and then cue the right wing response: OBAMA LIES, OBAMA’S A KENYAN MUSLIM, WE HATE IT WHEN POOR PEOPLE HAVE INSURANCE, DEATH PANELS, WAAAAAHHHHH!!!

  5. badcyclist commented on The Duplex 2 months ago

    Personally, I am OK by this. We get treated better at our vet’s office than the doctor’s office.

    As for Obamacare— it’s great. The only people who don’t like it are those with an aversion to the idea that poor people deserve not to die of easily curable injuries and diseases. If you are one of those people, you should take a close, hard look in the mirror.

  6. badcyclist commented on Jeff Danziger 4 months ago

    When the Vincennes shot down the Iranian plane, we admitted it and paid the families compensation.

    Russia has shot down other civilian airliners, denied it, and then when their guilt was proved, continued to deny responsibility or liability.

    Countries— and people— mess up. It’s how they react when they do that counts. Russia is simply being Russia— and that’s not good.

  7. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    News flash to Frank: you don’t need to be married to have kids. Polygamists can have kids. Gays can have kids, with a little help from their friends. So tying procreation to 1W-1M marriage is a lousy argument.

  8. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles 7 months ago

    ConserveGov: Still in favor of watching poor people die of curable diseases and accidents.

  9. badcyclist commented on Pat Oliphant 7 months ago

    ConservGov: You guys have been in Putin’s pocket for years.

  10. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich 7 months ago

    Lukovich draws a better than average Issa— that unique combination of malevolence, narcissism, and stupidity….