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  1. badcyclist commented on Pooch Cafe 11 days ago

    Agreed— this is a consistently funny, clever, and well-drawn strip. One of the best, for sure.

  2. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles 20 days ago

    Interesting that the conservatives on this site are defending the indefensible. I guess that is just normal for them.

  3. badcyclist commented on ViewsEurope 27 days ago

    I see that New Zealand switched continents.

    If you are an island, are you a free agent?

  4. badcyclist commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    I see a lot of holes in his story.

  5. badcyclist commented on Jeff Danziger about 1 month ago

    Danziger should have done a diptych, with the second panel showing the same idiots sitting around the TV going on and on about what a great leader Putin is.

  6. badcyclist commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    Sadly, two seconds is the farthest ahead Calvin can think.

  7. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    You should just fess up and rename your party the Know-Nothings.

  8. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    If Mitt’s driving, there should be a dog tied to the roof— unless he’s already fallen off.

  9. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    That will be the sound of the ultimate Republican defeat— they will start insisting on calling it Romneycare and insisting on taking credit for it.

    Actually, we all know that won’t happen. Republicans are still trying to kill Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. You have to give it to Republicans— they are almost always wrong, but once they have an idea they stick to it, against all sense and evidence.

  10. badcyclist commented on Pooch Cafe 3 months ago

    Superman and The Flash have the same dilemma all the time. They usually do better than Poncho, although maybe it’s a matter of practice. It does look like an homage to the old Flash comics, though….