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  1. wrwallaceii commented on Luann about 22 hours ago

    Nope, I’m speaking from experience… I have three kids-worth of stuff using up space in my house. They’ve all moved out and left us to store it for them. they keep saying they’ll come get their stuff but it’s still here…

  2. wrwallaceii commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Well for now anyway… but IF and when I move, my stuff will reside here forever; taking up space and getting dusty and being in the way. And every once in a while I’ll come back home and look through it and grill you why YOU lost my most precious …whatever. When I move across the country I’ll promise to come and get my stuff; and never do it.

  3. wrwallaceii commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    At least he’s keeping the miners employed… That’s more than the protesters can say… all they care about is the ‘MEDIA BUZZ ISSUE’ of the moment and their 15 minutes of fame.

    People who are laid off or find their ‘American Dream’ shattered to the point they cannot feed their families or even give to charities anymore just DON’T COUNT.


  4. wrwallaceii commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Just keep in mind how good it will feel when you take it off… now get out there and ‘sleigh’ them.

  5. wrwallaceii commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    Always with the pre-flight checklist; or in this case ‘pre-glide’ checklist.

  6. wrwallaceii commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Yeah, about the pot… What’s up with that? Haven’t these people ever heard of roasted over an open fire?? Or spit roasted?? Sooo many possibilities untested.

  7. wrwallaceii commented on Luann 5 days ago

    By the time you get your Degree, Luann, you will probably work at a career that doesn’t even exist now.

  8. wrwallaceii commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Gluten free and low fat.
    “White meat for me please”

  9. wrwallaceii commented on Luann 12 days ago

    Gunther: “I don’t know, but I’m about to find out.”

  10. wrwallaceii commented on Luann 13 days ago

    Watch Rosa end up hating the primitive life and Gunther find out he loves it. Rosa wants to go home and Gunther wants to stay… It could happen.