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  1. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 6 days ago

    Well, my ’48 Chevy has Portuguese air conditioning; 6 windows open at 55 mph !!!

  2. Jungfrau commented on Baldo 25 days ago

    (sigh) Yet another reason to have “caller ID” on your phone, at least at home !

  3. Jungfrau commented on Non Sequitur 25 days ago

    Now if he can just “sneak” in a little back beat of Booker T and the MG’s, everything will be cool huh?

  4. Jungfrau commented on Herman 2 months ago

    Never can understand why like the guy on the left even bothers to visit a barber, even ol’ Brutus Thornapple of the Born Loser could buy a set of clippers and have HIS bride do the trimming !

  5. Jungfrau commented on Garfield 2 months ago

    Gotta agree with the J.A.M. I take the cell phone along to car shows that I enter our ‘48 Chevy in ’cause if somethin’ happens A.A.A. is just an 800 number away to come save me ’n the wife or whoever is riding “shotgun” that day !

  6. Jungfrau commented on Shoe 2 months ago

    Gotta agree with Hawkin05, I’ve listened for over 40+ years that all that needs to be done is VOTE ’EM ALL OUT and replace ’em ! Like that would or will really work?

  7. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 2 months ago

    MEIN GOTT ! Who need another “ambulance chaser” in the world today ?

  8. Jungfrau commented on Frank & Ernest 3 months ago

    Gotta agree with JudyAz, as I was thinking of that Marvin Gaye tune too !!!

  9. Jungfrau commented on Baldo 3 months ago

    Since joining this site, I’ve often wondered what would happen if Gracie, Calvin, and Danae happened to be in the same room together???

  10. Jungfrau commented on The Born Loser 3 months ago

    YETHSIR ! Reminds me of the chicken ‘n turkey pot pies my bride of 48 years used to serve in the late ’60’s !!! Had to serve the kids spaghetti “o’s” or fish sticks. Things were very, very tight back in them thar days !