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  1. Jungfrau commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    Many hundreds of years later: BRUTUS THORNAPPLE !!!

  2. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 12 days ago

    MEIN GOTT ! Don Martin of Mad Magazine? Have not thought of him in years ! Used to draw some of his characters on various T-shirts for guys in my USAF unit.

  3. Jungfrau commented on The Born Loser 12 days ago

    Methinks ol’ Brutus has a ways to go in catching up with Eno !!!

  4. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 12 days ago

    Um; I’m with mkdonly1 on this !!!

  5. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 14 days ago

    And Jackie Chan would have three or four “outakes” of it if it was in his latest movie !!!

  6. Jungfrau commented on Michael Ramirez 15 days ago

    Like I’d posted in another ed-cartoon this a.m.: If only it was that simple.

  7. Jungfrau commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    Sigh; if only it were THAT easy.

  8. Jungfrau commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago

    Hmmm; wonder if they could re-make a movie of Walter Mitty with Calvin as the hero ???

  9. Jungfrau commented on Wizard of Id 22 days ago

    Um; Parker ’n Hart should check up on spiders. They have EIGHT eyes not six.

  10. Jungfrau commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    Caller I.D. – one of the best things to come down the pike !