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  1. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    Caller I.D. – one of the best things to come down the pike !

  2. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 2 months ago

    In the “olden days” (the 1940’s) we had to use sheets from the Sears ’n Rareback or Monkey Wards catalogs in the “two holer” outside the house !

  3. Jungfrau commented on Baldo 2 months ago

    Um; like I’d asked in the Pickles comic, has anyone reading this Baldo comic ever seen or knows what happened to their mother???

  4. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 2 months ago

    Um; has anyone whose been reading this comic over time ever seen the husband of the daughter???

  5. Jungfrau commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    Um; Where are the rest of the reindeer ???

  6. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    Um; Opal? isn’t it easier just to look in a mirror once in awhile to accomplish the same thing?

  7. Jungfrau commented on Herman 4 months ago

    (sigh;) If only…………….

  8. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 5 months ago

    I had the same thought Vegas Viper ! One of the best “re-occurring” scenes on that great comedy show !

  9. Jungfrau commented on The Born Loser 5 months ago

    I’d retired in 2007, and have watched my S.S. payments dwindle to almost NOTHING, and one year, did not receive a raise at all ! Funny how all the politicians can give themselves a heft raise now ’n then, but tell the public the government is running out of money? How come they never run out of “welfare” money?

  10. Jungfrau commented on The Born Loser 6 months ago

    Yet another reason to have “caller I.D.”