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  1. Rasslebear commented on Ollie and Quentin 8 months ago

    What is that, a sperm?

  2. Rasslebear commented on The Norm Classics 8 months ago

    The women’s planet should be X.

  3. Rasslebear commented on Speed Bump 8 months ago

    freshly washed and IRONED

  4. Rasslebear commented on F Minus 8 months ago

    …so the man says, “The genie thought i said i wanted a 12” PIANIST!"

  5. Rasslebear commented on The Buckets 8 months ago

    Writing comments on internet cartoons….?

  6. Rasslebear commented on Shoe 9 months ago

    And in China they throw fried rice?

  7. Rasslebear commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    I guess they figured red spaghetti sauce would look too much like blood, but the brown certainly doesn’t work either.

  8. Rasslebear commented on Drabble 11 months ago

    Drabble is such a fun strip. In New Orleans, of course, they’re called SNOWBALLS, not SNOWCONES! When we moved to Texas in ’56, i had no idea what snowcones were. In this cartoon, though, the “sno-cone” should be red and purple, since the customer ordered strawberry and grape. Keep up the good work, Mr. Fagan.

  9. Rasslebear commented on Doonesbury about 1 year ago

    i really loved the early days of Doonesbury, when all the characters are introduced and begin to take shape. i used to have the entire collection, until i lost it all in Katrina. now at 64 and on a fixed income, i can’t afford to replace it. at least now i can enjoy it all over again, like i did decades ago when it all first began.

  10. Rasslebear commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    I’ve seen the same punch line in every comic that involves kids