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    Darsan54 gc insider 3 months ago

    Some 23 million about to lose health coverage? Yeah, pretty evil. Just like when Flint was poisoned.

    Kyle of Lochalsh  3 months ago

    But those people are takers, not makers and the 1% cannot afford to keep them on! Just as Jesus would have done!

  3. Picture
    RonnieAThompson gc insider 3 months ago

    Good will ultimately win.

  4. Rh 3
    Robynhod  3 months ago

    Revelation 16:16 Matthew 24:21 Isaiah 13:9 Revelation 11:15 Revelation 16:14 Revelation 19:11Revelation 12:9 Revelation 14:14-20 Revelation 19:19Isaiah 13:6 Revelation 17:1-18 Zechariah 14:1-21 Luke 21:25 Titus 1:2 Joel 3:12-14

  5. Rh 3
    Robynhod  3 months ago

    The cat’s right, not thinking about it will solve things all right.

  6. Darwin fsm pin sm
    Moon Child Rage: Alien CD-ROM Hog  3 months ago

    There’s battle lines being drawn. Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. – Stephen Stills, U.S. philosopher

  7. Missing large
    Holden Awn  3 months ago

    We ALL think we’re the Good Guys, and the other side is evil. The “Good Guys” always win because the history of a conflict is written by the winners of that conflict, and they are convinced they’re the Good Guys. And the more we demonize those with whom we disagree, the easier it becomes to justify hurting them.

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