Prickly City by Scott Stantis

Prickly City

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  1. Yochanan204

    Yochanan204 said, over 3 years ago

    Reverend, shmeverend. There is only ONE whose name is Reverend, and jerks like Al Dullton and J. Jerkson don’t qualify.

  2. KPOM

    KPOM said, over 3 years ago

    MSNBC! Maybe Kevin will make a guest appearance. I hear Ed Schultz can use the ratings.

  3. Darsan54

    Darsan54 GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Pontificating and being wrong about everything every time? Maybe Carmen should talk to Bill Kristol, George Will, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ted Cruz, Eric Cantor, Reince Pribus, etc, etc, etc.

    Awwww, pour widdle cons, someone called you a name. Pour babeeeeee.

  4. j gray

    j gray said, over 3 years ago

    Do hannity, oreilly, limbaugh, etc., wait for a horrble tragedy, rush in, claim racism, blame everyone who is a different color, and demand financial support to make them go away?

  5. langchris70

    langchris70 said, over 3 years ago


    I’m guessing you don’t have a real job, and that mockery is the only highlight in your life that gives you happiness.

  6. Benny Green

    Benny Green said, over 3 years ago

    I thought comics were fiction. This one is all real!

  7. Radical-Knight

    Radical-Knight said, over 3 years ago

    Prickly City… the new SOTU!

  8. Badfisherman

    Badfisherman said, over 3 years ago


    Keep telling them. NSA is watching & The Annointed One Blessed Barry will reward you.

  9. PastStepOne

    PastStepOne said, over 3 years ago


    Hey Darsan, maybe you should take a look at the condition of every city and state that has been run by liberal democrats for a few decades. All of the places run by the left are falling apart. Detroit is just the first to go bankrupt.
    Chicago has more gun casualties than the military does in Afghanistan! They have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and consequently they have a higher gun casualty rate than a war zone. That’s what gun control in the US really does. The fact is liberal policies may seem come from good intentions, but they always make things worse.
    You know the old saying: The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.
    Conservatives are more interested in results, and can think past step one to see what the consequences of liberal policies will inevitably be, that’s why we try to avoid them.
    If you honestly look at the results of liberal policies you can’t disagree. This stuff happens everywhere they are in control.
    As for your list of “conservative” talk people, I can’t speak to all of them, but for the most part they are right. You assume the garbage printed by the left about them is true, it isn’t. The libs are just trying to keep you from listening to them. People like you, who never even listen to them, just have blinders on. I’d have to say Rush is the best of the bunch on your list. O’reilly is hit and miss, he frequently takes a liberal side on some issues. I like Hannity, but he is sometimes a bit juvenile in his arguments, and I rarely have time to listen to any of the others. Rush gets so demonized by the left it’s just pathetic. They quote him out of context, or take something he said tongue in cheek as serious. I challenge you to listen to him regularly for 2 months and then tell me where he is wrong. You’ll be screaming at your radio for the first 3-4 weeks, but eventually you will realize he’s right and that you’ve been brainwashed by a media that spoon feeds you liberalism constantly. There is a good reason he has the #1 talk radio show in the country. He gets you the truth, frequently siting poorly covered news stories you’ll never hear in the mainstream without doing a lot of digging to find them, and he is very entertaining while he does it. His audience has been rated the MOST informed audience in media.

  10. fbjsr

    fbjsr said, over 3 years ago


    Thats what you said yesterday, cant you think of something new? Also Winslow (the whiny one) is a liberal.

  11. langchris70

    langchris70 said, over 3 years ago

    Yes, and apparently you don’t have since you’re commenting in the middle of the afternoon.


  12. Dry and Dusty

    Dry and Dusty GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago


    Yep Rad, sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

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