Prickly City by Scott Stantis

Prickly City

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  1. Kylie2112

    Kylie2112 said, about 2 years ago

    You’d think all the pro-war Republicans would love this, with their “kill them all and let God sort them out” mentality.

  2. bpullin

    bpullin said, about 2 years ago

    The liberal statists should love this since Obama has deemed that he has the power to kill Americans on American soil using drones, without due process of being charged, arrested and appearing in court. He has set himself up to be judge, jury and executioner.

    Hope you retards love the police state you are aiding and abetting.

  3. zoidknight

    zoidknight said, about 2 years ago


    Only if we had been allowed to use them first instead of sending in the ground troops with idiotic rules of engagement being pushed on them by democrats.

  4. aircraft-engineer

    aircraft-engineer said, about 2 years ago

    Don’t worry too much – at the rate their numbers are declining, there won’t be that many LEFT after 2014. Out of touch, out of mind, out of office…

  5. Comic Minister

    Comic Minister said, about 2 years ago

    Shut it and help Winslow!

  6. fbjsr

    fbjsr said, about 2 years ago


    You know Kylie, no one would know you were an idiot if you didn’t open your mouth.

  7. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago


    I know I don’t agree as Ted Rall is horrified by the outcome. The Republic fell amid the joys of an Empire is rising like a parasite overcoming its host.

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