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Pooch Cafe

By Paul Gilligan
Jan 3, 2014
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Poncho: Hey, Pops, did they have airplanes when you were a pup?
Bobo: Are you kiddin'? They didn't even have air! You had to breath mud!
Bobo: And not good mud, neither! Mud with rusty nails in it!
Bobo: And we'd scrape all the rust off the nails to build our homes with! Which were built at the bottom of mine shafts! And 300 of us lived there! It was so cramped you couldn't wag a tail!
Boomer: Why do you bait him?
Bobo: Wifi was down for a minute. Of course tails hadn't been invented yet. You had to wag a tin can tied to a stick!
Jan 5, 2014
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