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Pooch Cafe

By Paul Gilligan
Jun 13, 2009
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Poncho: Feast yer eyes, gents! For Nail-Clipping Day I got a new collar and shiny new tags! Hudson: Looks pretty sweet. Poncho: I know. I'm officially smokin'! Boomer: Well, it is nice, but... I think that's a girl dog's collar. Poncho: What?? Boomer: Yeah, guy collars attach from the left, girl's from the right. Hudson: You're wearing a girl collar! Poncho: Grr! My master's gonna get it! Chazz: Oh, stop it, all collars are exactly the same. They're pulling your leg. Boomer: ...But look, they spelled your name wrong. They spelled it with an "I." Chazz: The name is spelled fine. Quit being so naive, Pincho. Poncho: I'll bet there's no such thing as "Nail-Clipping Day," either.
Jun 15, 2009
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