Police Limit by Garey Mckee

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  1. James McCrystal Sr

    James McCrystal Sr said, over 3 years ago

    He’s bringing his own “heat”…


    SCOTTtheBADGER said, over 3 years ago

    The TEC 9, beloved of the criminal class.

  3. Jack Mehoff

    Jack Mehoff said, over 3 years ago

    Ah,the sound of gun fire…must be spring in Chicago!

  4. Garey Mckee

    Garey Mckee GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    A couple of things about this week’s Police Limit strip.
    1. This is the edited version. The full version is on my columnist page on PoliceOne.
    2. Flatscreen televisions are boring to draw, so I went old school. Actually, in a way, it’s a tribute to Berke Breathed. I always liked the way he drew televisions. (i.e. “An Evening of Television Around Bloom County”)
    3. I’m not sure if my weather forecast makes much sense. I’m much more versed in sociological phenomenon and their impact on law enforcement than I am with weather forecasting.
    4. Yes, I admit it. The TEC 9 was fun to draw.

  5. T. Shepherd

    T. Shepherd GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Nerf Super Soaker time!

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