Pickles by Brian Crane


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  1. Llewellenbruce

    Llewellenbruce said, about 6 years ago

    You got that right Opal.

  2. kreole

    kreole said, about 6 years ago

    I need cargo pants for all my stuff….go away, Opal!

  3. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, about 6 years ago

    They are great for field work. (Which is why they were invented.)

  4. Parethed

    Parethed GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Somehow, I don’t see Earl doing any field work…

  5. cdward

    cdward said, about 6 years ago

    I suspect it’s intelligence rather than accident - cargo pants are brilliant because you can carry stuff without having to carry the bag. The question is, why do women insist on carrying bags that are constantly getting lost, and when they’re not, they’re bottomless pits for losing all the items you want to carry around?

  6. GROG!

    GROG! GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    I won’t even by shirts with no pockets.

  7. Barbaratoo

    Barbaratoo said, about 6 years ago

    My son has a drill that he goes through before he leaves my house: He pats each pocket to make sure he has his wallet, cell phone, any other thing he may have brought over such as a DVD, etc. “Pat, pat, pat, pat.” If anything isn’t where it should be, he knows he’s left something behind. Now, my husband (aka Earl at our house) wears them, too! He only has two “pats,” though - cell phone and wallet!

  8. dukekraus

    dukekraus said, about 6 years ago

    While having my morning coffee I realized how little I really knew about pockets. So…who cares anyway. However, with time to kill I went to my browser and typed in >[ BBC - h2g2 - A Very Brief History of the Pocket ]. To say I learned some interesting stuff is understatement. Who says you can’t learn from the comics?

  9. Dry and Dusty

    Dry and Dusty GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Yea Opal, good ZINGER!!!

  10. crabbyrino

    crabbyrino GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Wish “cargo pants” for Big Beautiful Women (BBW) were around. I leave my purse everywhere!

  11. baggybut

    baggybut said, about 6 years ago

    In the movie Harari they called Red Buttons “Pockets” because of his pants. He kept everything in them, even a mouth harp. Great movie.

  12. firstwife

    firstwife said, about 6 years ago

    At least Earl doesn’t need to have Opal carry all his ‘stuff’ in her purse.

  13. SCAATY_423

    SCAATY_423 said, about 6 years ago

    Opal misses the point. It’s a guy thing: the more pockets you might use for carrying stuff, the cooler it is – whether you actually put stuff in most of the pockets is beside the point, they’re just there.

  14. Jascat

    Jascat said, about 6 years ago

    I carried a shoulder purse for so many years, I now have one shoulder lower than the other. I am not kidding! Needless to say, I now carry a very small hand purse with very little in it…lol. Too bad I couldn’t wear cargo pants…a great invention!!

  15. aerwalt

    aerwalt said, about 6 years ago

    3 pats for me: wallet , keys, cell phone.

    I’m trying to explain to my beloved the difference between a purse and luggage.

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