Jul 19, 2014
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To: Mom and Dad
Subject: Camp in good!
Phoebe: Hi, 'rents. Which is short for "parents" and saved typing. Although I guess not if I bother to explain it. Oh, well. Music camp is fun. Sue is still my favorite crazy person.
Sue: I think I can get my clarinet to double as a potato cannon!
Phoebe: The piano counselor says I suck less than I did last year, or at least that was the subtext.
Phoebe: I think marigold is in love.
Marigold: We are so different.
Ringo: We both enjoy tea.
Phoebe: I know your lives are empty without me.
Mom: Our daughter underestimates wine and video games.
Dad: Don't kids always.
Jul 21, 2014
Small u 201701251614

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