Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis

Pearls Before Swine

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  1. Bilan

    Bilan said, 9 months ago

    Only in PBS: A pig complaining about the smell of Oreos that a crocodile wants.

  2. Sherlock Watson

    Sherlock Watson said, 9 months ago

    Careful, Pig; I see Opus getting ready to throw eggs at you.

  3. kamb8

    kamb8 said, 9 months ago

    Noooooooooooo! Oreos!

  4. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, 9 months ago

    Maybe the penguins stunk because they hadn’t bathed in a while.

  5. lazzzlo

    lazzzlo said, 9 months ago

    Just add some polar bears to make it complete.

  6. RachelC22

    RachelC22 said, 9 months ago

    There’s something fishy about this.

  7. BlueJayRobin

    BlueJayRobin said, 9 months ago

    If your diet consists only of anchovies or anchovy pizzas.

  8. Emily Kim

    Emily Kim said, 9 months ago

    Oreos lol

  9. Jerry Kelly

    Jerry Kelly said, 9 months ago

    Sorry, Crocs, Oreos are from Nabisco – if they had been Hostess, you would have a chance to bring them back!

  10. hlb68

    hlb68 GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    what about flamingos? they pee on themselves to cool off?

  11. Garf_Lasag

    Garf_Lasag said, 9 months ago

    Why is it called “Pearls before Swine”? Doesn’t seem like a random choice for a title.

  12. dukedoug

    dukedoug said, 9 months ago


    It’s a biblical quote.

  13. orinoco womble

    orinoco womble GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Yup, they really do, but not as bad as otters.

  14. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    The strip is the pearls, we are the swine.

  15. Sillstaw

    Sillstaw GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago


    Pastis explained at a book signing I attended that, in addition to being a Biblical quote, the idea is that Rat believes his wisdom is wasted on Pig—his “pearls before swine.”

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