Jul 27, 2013
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Goat:  I met a girl last night.
Rat:  Really? Who?
Goat:  She's a roadie for some rock band.
Rat:  D'you do anything?
Goat:  We made out.
Rat:  You made out? Wow. She must kiss anyone.
Goat:  She does actually. I found out about her past later.
Rat:  Well, give me her number.
Goat:  Gross. No way. I don't want you to kiss some girl I've kissed.
Rat:  Dude, please. It's the law.
Goat:  What law?
Rat:  Share the roadie.
Cyclist:  It's 'Share the road', @&*@#&#.
Rat:  Oh, great. Now YOU want a shot at her?
Goat:  No one's getting a shot at anyone.
Pig:  Psssst....does she give out hugs?
Jul 29, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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