Apr 6, 2013
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Pig:  So what's the key to being successful in cycling, Jef the Cyclist?
Jef:  Nutrition, Pig. Treating the body as the holy temple that it is.
Pig:  What's that mean?
Jef:  Low fat. High carb. And not just any cares. You want fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, whole grain breads.
Pig:  What about protein?
Jef:  Lean protein only. Like fish, and dark-meat chicken. Half a gram per pound of body weight every day.
Pig:  Wow. You guys really do treat the body as a temple. Jef:  We sure do, Pig... Hey, look over there!
Pig:  What am I looking at?
Jef:  Sorry. Thought I saw a bowl of granola.
Apr 8, 2013
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