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Pearls Before Swine

By Stephan Pastis
Dec 8, 2012
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Pig:  Hey, Rat...it's your bank. It sounds like you're late with some payment.
Rat:  Hi, thanks for calling.  If this is about a late credit card payment, press '1'.  If this is about a late mortgage payment, press 2'.  If this is about a late car payment, press '3'.  To speak with a personal representative at any time, just say 'Rat'.
Voice:  Rat.
Rat:  I'm sorry...I didn't catch that.
Voice:  Rat.
Rat:  I'm sorry. I didn't catch that.
Voice:  RAT!
Rat:  Thanks. I'll transfer you to......cat.
Voice:  RAT! RAT! NOT CAT!
Pig:  You're having way too much fun.
Rat:  Meowwww.
Voice:  @*&#! #&@#! @*#@!
Dec 10, 2012
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