1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D. 6 days ago

    I’m the second of two children. (Is Linus talking about Lucy and himself?)

  2. Missing large
    Monster Hesh 6 days ago

    Breed! Breeeeeeed! Think of all the little children waiting to be born! Rats don’t “plan” their families, why should you?? BREEEEED!!!

  3. Cat sleeping on bookshelf
    Valka GC Insider 6 days ago

    This is one time when Lucy is right.

    I don’t recall how many years later their little brother, Rerun, is born.

  4. Pixel avatar
    Bill S 6 days ago

    So I guess Lucy will be opening a “Family Planning” booth up next to her Psychiatric Help booth …

  5. Karen   2
    ktfahel 6 days ago

    This makes me think of my favorite Shirley Temple movie, “The Blue Bird”. In one scene Mytyl and her brother, Tyltyl, end up in the land where children waiting to be born stay. It’s a gorgeous, sad scene, especially when they meet their future little sister. I cry every single time.

  6. Cats on stonehenge
    Grace GC Insider 6 days ago

    S/he would be born to other lucky parents…

  7. Wap2p5uq normal
    Lee Cox 6 days ago

    Medicine has nothing to do with it, Lucy. It’s purely a theological question — and YOUR ignorance and arrogance on the subject are what is appalling!

  8. Screenshot 163
    Cminuscomics&stories GC Insider 6 days ago

    When you go to heaven, you will meet all the brothers and sisters you would have had… if your dad had not used rubbers. (That is copyrighted.)

  9. Bbm logo
    GuiltyBystander 6 days ago

    Paging Margaret Sanger…

  10. Penguin hero
    grainpaw 6 days ago

    Think of all the lovable, not-so-intelligent chickens who will never be born because we eat eggs.Think of all the beautiful, intelligent children who are born who die quickly from war, famine, and pestilence because the people who could do something about that don’t, sometimes for religious reasons.More children we can’t care for is not the answer to humanity’s problems.

  11. Missing large
    Kaputnik 6 days ago

    There was a story from many years back which assumed that there was a fixed number of human souls, who were continuously reincarnated. When the population of the Earth hits five billion, all of a sudden, the old people start dying off in droves to make room for more reincarnations. By the end of the story, there is nobody over fifty left, and the thirtyish narrator has decided to quit his job and have a few years of fun before the inevitable.

  12. Missing large
    soap12 6 days ago

    The belief that we were all spirits prior to being born into this world is a core belief of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). It is also a belief of many non-Mormons despite the fact that it is not a doctrine of their various churches.

  13. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49 GC Insider 6 days ago

    People will believe what they want to that they find comfortable. Including soul migration and reincarnation. It is all just to keep them comfortable about death. That is the primary motivator. They do not want to accept the fact that you live and die and nothing else.

  14. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49 GC Insider 6 days ago

    What if the child is of low intelligence and ugly? Or beautiful, intelligent and a psychopath?

  15. Godzilla  i of the storm by adiraiju d4r0ysf
    Adiraiju 6 days ago

    Make room, make room!

    (If anyone gets that reference, high five!)

  16. Morningcat
    BiathlonNut 6 days ago

    Hey buddy. The food riots caused me to lose my ration. Can you spare me a Soylent Green?

  17. Missing large
    evsxrk 5 days ago

    As already noted, this is one instance where Lucy is right, though there’s nothing wrong with Linus wondering about such things, and a nicer older sister would try to relieve his ignorance (assuming she knows enough about genetics and reproduction to do so).

  18. Square
    anjumahmed 5 days ago

    Many in these comments need to read anti-natalist blogs and the reality that most parents regret having children.

  19. Square
    anjumahmed 5 days ago

    As Doug Stanhope once said, ‘if you find something living rent-free in your uterus, evict…’

  20. Black squirrel avatar
    Kirk Barnes GC Insider 5 days ago

    Sounds like he needs to bone up on Biology, too. Heaven is just humankind’s Ego sayin’, “I’m too special to just disappear at the end of my life.”

  21. Grimmy  peanuts
    b2grimmy 4 days ago

    This makes me think of abortion

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