Peanuts by Charles Schulz


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  1. stcrowe

    stcrowe said, 10 months ago

    That does not look safe.

  2. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, 10 months ago

    What makes Lucy van Pelt suspect Charlie Brown’s dog smokes? (Specially in bed.)

  3. Flashold

    Flashold said, 10 months ago

    There is nothing to be done, so, might as well go to bed. Even if it is a bit charred.

  4. Sajid78

    Sajid78 said, 10 months ago

    old habits die hard

  5. paha_siga

    paha_siga said, 10 months ago


    Did sleeping on that roof really look safe before?

  6. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody said, 10 months ago

    This is the saddest strip so far in this story arc.

  7. Aaron Saltzer

    Aaron Saltzer said, 10 months ago

    1 minute later-CRASH.

  8. Thelma Helms

    Thelma Helms GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Poor snoopy, what’s will he do when the weather turns bad?

  9. steelergirl

    steelergirl said, 10 months ago

    I assume Snoopy is covered by MetLife, right?

  10. Laura

    Laura GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago


    LOL! Thanks for the laugh—that is a a relief in this sad story arc!

  11. Cooncat

    Cooncat said, 10 months ago

    Snoopy will do just what idiot people who live on known flood plains and seismic fault lines and hurricane tracks do … rebuild. What was that about insanity? Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

  12. langchris70

    langchris70 said, 10 months ago

    When life gives you lemons…

  13. K.C. Fahel

    K.C. Fahel said, 10 months ago


    At the risk of taking a comic strip too seriously…it wasn’t his home’s location that caused the fire. What is so wrong about wanting to rebuild a house?

  14. athomas917

    athomas917 said, 10 months ago

    Snoop survived the “Icecicle of doom, he’ll survive this”

  15. Hobbes

    Hobbes GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    For those who are interested, over at Calvin and Hobbes, today, I’ve posted some commentary on Charles Schulz’s handicap during his final cartooning years.

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