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By Charles Schulz
Oct 2, 1999
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A book with a picture of a man on a horse titled, "The Lonesome Horse Person" by Snoopy.<BR><BR> Snoopy atop his dog-house typing, "...Chapter Twenty..."<BR><BR> Continues typing... "The sun was setting as the horse person rode back to his cattle place.<BR><BR> "...Suddenly he saw some cow takers."<BR><BR> Lucy, standing next to the dog-house, examining his paper says, "What are cow takers?"<BR><BR> Snoopy thinks, "People who kidnap other peoples cows..."<BR><BR> Lucy flustered hands back the paper saying, "This is too dumb... I can't read any more!"<BR><BR> Snoopy holds his paper and thinks, "The next part is the best... "The wounded hero lay in the dust...""<BR><BR> Snoopy continues typing, "...the robins circled overhead."<BR><BR>
Oct 4, 1999
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