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By Charles Schulz
May 29, 1999
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Snoopy wears a night shirt and cap and holds a candle.<BR><BR> Charlie Brown looks at Snoopy sleeping.<BR><BR> Charlies sits next to Snoopy who sleeps.<BR><BR> Snoopy sleeps in a new position.<BR><BR> Snoopy sleeps on Charlie's lap.<BR><BR> Charlie watches Snoopy.  Snoopy sleeps on his back.<BR><BR> Snoopy stil sleeps.<BR><BR> Charlie sits at his school desk with a piece of paper.  Charlie says, "Yes, ma'am.. I have my report.."<BR><BR> Charlies reads in front of the class, "How I wasted another Sunday afternoon watching my dog sleep."<BR><BR>
May 31, 1999
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