Peanuts by Charles Schulz


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  1. stcrowe

    stcrowe said, about 23 hours ago

    He’s really cracking up. He needs his blanket now more than ever.

  2. capndunzzl

    capndunzzl said, about 22 hours ago

    ….I hope he’s talking about cigarettes.

  3. Citizen GROG!

    Citizen GROG! GoComics PRO Member said, about 21 hours ago

    What about the shed?

  4. unclescrooge

    unclescrooge said, about 21 hours ago

    Maybe they have a garage that faces the alley!!

  5. Cooncat

    Cooncat said, about 17 hours ago

    Well, since the Peanuts cast generally exhibit “family values”, I’m pretty sure they don’t live in either Colorado or Washington … so granny is not likely toking wacky-tobacky.

  6. Vince M

    Vince M said, about 15 hours ago


    Colorado or Washington? Those are the two places you don’t have to sneak behind the barn!

  7. dheine1971

    dheine1971 GoComics PRO Member said, about 15 hours ago

    Did teens try to smoke behind a farm barn while playing hooky from school or something like that?

  8. John Smith

    John Smith said, about 12 hours ago

    If he turns her on to vaping they could both be happy

  9. washingtoneagle

    washingtoneagle said, about 11 hours ago

    First time I got caught smoking WAS behind a barn. It was a red barn and so was my behind.

  10. whaleman

    whaleman said, about 9 hours ago

    Why couldn’t she be doing it behind the house?

  11. neverenoughgold

    neverenoughgold GoComics PRO Member said, about 8 hours ago

    Walking down the railroad tracks on the way to or from school was a safe bet for me…

  12. Asharah

    Asharah said, about 5 hours ago

    Why was everybody so obsessed with making Linus give up his blanket. He’ll grow out of it eventually!

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